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Are you one of those people who are afraid to be put under for surgery because you harbor a fear that something weird or unsafe will happen to you while you’re out? No? Howzabout you read about this Seattle anesthesiologist who spent quality time sexting mid-surgery and also too fapped to patient photos in his […]

Here’s some very measured, very partial Nice Time for you nice people! The National Rifle Association, according to a piece by Laura Bassett and Christina Wilkie at the Huffington Post, is quietly backing away from one part of its “never restrict guns ever anywhere for any reason” agenda, and has actually dropped its objections to […]

How many bridges must a man drive off before we call him a man? None, because he is just going to sit there in the water and wait to get “rescued” by the nanny state government instead of pulling himself up by his bootstraps, out of a river, which it is his own fault he […]

Gee, I wonder what will happen if we build roads and bridges, then completely ignore them for decades and drastically cut funding everywhere in order to suck the knob of the right wing’s newest golden calf, austerity? Surely nothing bad will happen ever, because debt and deficit are lurking in the corner, threatening to molest […]

Washington state Senator Mike Hewitt is cosponsoring an awesome and superconstitutional antidiscrimination bill, SB 5927. It says you can’t discriminate against people based on their race, country of origin, sexual orientation, etc., unless you really really want to. Cool bill! Very awesome! You may not refuse to do commerce or real estate with someone who […]

Remember how much fun we had laughing at Ronald Reagan’s jolly science fact about how trees cause pollution? And how it made absolutely no difference to anyone? You’ll be delighted to know that The Gipper’s example lives on, nurtured and sanctified by public servants like Washington state Rep. Ed Orcutt (R-SpringfieldTireFire), who patiently explained to […]

If there’s anything your wingnuts love, it’s the hallowed concept of States’ Rights. Your modern wingnut says the states should never have to knuckle under to Federal tyranny, because freedom! In the Great State of Idaho, one of the freedom-lovingest Freedomeers is State Sen. Chuck Winder (rhymes with “splinter”), who loves freedom so much that […]

It can be difficult to run for Senate. Your Wonkette knows; we haven’t done it many times because of how difficult it is. Michael Baumgartner, though, is running for Senate against Maria Cantwell, and was righteously pissed off because a reporter asked him questions that weren’t on his agenda, and so responded thoughtfully about the […]

Here is some group-sex-having liberal eyecandy, for your Friday morning treat. (Your Wonkette loves you, each and every one.) Meet Aaron Reardon! He is the Snohomish County (think of it as “Seattle-adjacent”) chief executive currently on the hot seat for doing sex on all sorts of ladies at the same time, while he was supposed […]

You know things are horrible in American Politics when a guy campaigning for U.S. Senate on a platform of free trade/space colonization and ending the minimum age so bums can work as low-paid “government helpers” sounds more reasonable than actual senators currently in positions of great power. Courtesy of Wonkette commenter/operative AnnieGetYerFun, here’s some of […]

Despite the encouraging fact that your President Obama hates the Girl Scouts, Real AmeriKKKA knows that this lady-driven NGO is just a haven for rug-munching, carpet-licking, hole-fisting feminazis! Or at least that’s what Republican Hans Zeiger, House candidate from Washington, wrote once, on these very Internets! Yes, it seems this handsome twentysomething gent with the […]

Here’s a great new ad from the anti-gay-marriage amendment crusaders in whatever state is “doing that” now… ah, super gay Washington state. God and the Jesus made marriage for men and women, so they could fuck and have children and play in piles of leaves. How would you heteros like it in you’re splashing leaves […]

The brilliant Washington State Democratic party went about making an attack ad of Republican gubernatorial candidate Dino Rossi by using a “Sopranos” theme. In case you don’t know anything about life, “Dino Rossi” is the most Italian name since “Papa John Pizza.” And so the “Italian Club of Seattle” got predictably offended and called it […]

Here’s the first page of a real letter from some sad panda named Marvin D. Wells, one of 28 pledged Hillary Clinton delegates from Washington State who will still cast his vote for her at the national convention in August. He still hopes that Hillary can pull off a coup at the convention, you see, […]