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The Pulitzer Prizes were announced Monday afternoon, with top honors going to The Guardian and The Washington Post for their coverage of the Edward Snowden NSA revelations. That news was largely lost on users of Twitter, however, as they all were looking at pictures of a model airplane with its cockpit inserted into a lady’s […]

One time, we woke up and checked our piddling bank account and we were like, “Hmm, extra money, DON’T MIND IF WE DO!” And then our banking overlords quickly got in touch with us and were like, oooooh, sorry about that, we made an oopsie and are now taking that money back please. And we’d […]

JENNIFER RUBIN is so funny, and there are a thousand laughs in store for you in the Washington Post with the new, improved JENNIFER RUBIN. Everyone enjoys a talking JENNIFER RUBIN, from young to old. Taste, see, smell, and “desire to reassert America’s place in the world” with a JENNIFER RUBIN. Experience every emotion known […]

George Will sucks. He has managed to garble together some wordthings in the Washington Post about Lois Lerner and the IRS scandal, and eleventy million percent of them are full of suckitude. It is like a universal ball of suck shat out a person-sized suck-turd and named it George Will, and now we are stuck […]

Paul Ryan is in the news for lying again, and Wonkette helped break the story, go us! The Washington Post cited yr Editrix’s post about a comment on this TPM story that noted how Paul Ryan’s tale of a young boy who preferred the brown-bagged love of his parents to the hard cheese of socialism was […]

“Why isn’t Obama talking about black-on-white violence? Why won’t Obama acknowledge that minorities are doing crimes? When will Obama tell young men of color to be responsible and get married and don’t do crimes?” Asking these questions — indignantly and at length — is as close as many commentators on the right will get to the […]

Even though our Kenyan Dictator B. Barry Bamz was re-crowned only last year, it is already time to start thinking about the next Presidential election, which also means it is still time to stab ourselves in the eye with a spork everytime Chris Cillizza soils the pages of the Washington Post with the latest meaningless […]

Exciting media news! Okay fine, “media news!” Ezra Klein, America’s foremost wunderkind of writing words about charts, is leaving the Washington Post. According to The POLITICO, wunderkind Klein wanted the Post to help him start a new blog-type venture with “more than three-dozen staffers and a multi-year budget of at least $10 million.” More than […]

Jesus Christ on a pogo stick, people, you keep getting Blowvember all wrong. First, CBS tries to co-opt it by blowing every news story it reports on. And now the Secret Service is being super-creepy with the ladies, according to the Washington Post. It seems that this past spring, a Secret Service agent was trying […]

Last week, Washington Post columnist Richard Cohen, who is paid to have opinions ‘n’ things, finally realized that slavery was really, really bad y’all, like even worse than taxes and stuff. This week? It is hard to explain without going into an actual seizure, like when you are playing Japanese video games, or whatever, you […]

Oopsies! Seems like today must be Apology Day — we have Barack Obama apologizing that his line about keeping your own insurance didn’t include an asterisk to cover really crappy private-market plans, the Republican Congressional Committee calling on Democrats to apologize for not repealing a law they passed, a Texas school district not apologizing for […]

From the twittoverse, this lovely screenshot of a conversation between the Washington Post’s Twitter person and a rather disgruntled fan of Ted Cruz. Hats off to whoever* is answering the trolls!

Why, sure, Washington Post, we’d love to read a political trends think-piece! Whatcha got? Oh, Tea Partiers who were elected in 2010 are starting to see some pushback in their home districts? OK, sure, we’ll read that! Please tell us that people are getting tired of their antics, will you? For instance, maybe you could […]

Last month, at our sister site Terrible News For Terrible People Dot Com, we brought you the story “Howard Kurtz Is A Dumb Asshole.” In it, we wondered why exactly media critic Howard Kurtz, currently at Fox News, had taken it upon himself to play Facebook Picture Scold about the beautiful portraits of Pari Bradlee, […]

Man, what is it with Republicans whining about not getting everything they want, up to and including a pony for their birthday and a tiara? It’s like the party has been taken over by a bunch of 4-year-olds who insist their tantrums be taken as serious arguments. Who are the latest group of pouty monkey-howlers? […]