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Knee Deep In Niger. Wonkagenda for Oct. 24, 2017

There's a lot more troops are in Niger, Trump takes a field trip, and Ryan Zinke gets REALLY grifty. Your morning news brief.

GOP Committee Votes YES On Barbara Lee Amendment To End All These Motherfucking Wars

Something happened in Congress that didn't suck at all!

John McCain Asks One More Time If We Can Please Bomb Syria, Pretty Please?

In one of those weird astronomical things that celestial mechanics throws the solar system now and then, Yr Wonkette and Ghost Breitbart's House of Free-Floating Rage find themselves in a rare alignment, with both blogs asking, "Hey, John McCain,...

Dennis Kucinich To Impeach Obama Or Whatever

Brave sandwich survivor Dennis Kucinich was able to exist as a somewhat serious candidate for president the past two cycles because he gave red meat (certified-organic fair-trade local tofu "Reddmeete" sustainably collected from unwanted scraps left by wild animals)...

Obama Finally Gets Around To Telling Congress We’re At War With Libya

President Obama has been traveling around South America or wherever the past few days, taking in some sun and minor diplomacy while he sits on the beach and plays around with whatever video game controller the military provides him...