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Trump Lets States Ax Planned Parenthood Funds. Time To Go-Fund-Me Your Pap Smear!

How will the Trump Administration screw women today? Let's count the ways!

Poll: Over Half Of American Men Think They Don’t Benefit From Birth Control, Are SO DUMB

Men whose female partners are taking birth control are also using birth control.
There's no war on women. Maybe some casualties, but no war.

Texas Defunding Of Planned Parenthood Improving Women’s Health By Killing Them

After massive cuts to women's clinics aimed at putting Planned Parenthood out of business, Texas now has the highest maternal death rate in the developed world. Yay! Still better than Sudan!
Set phasers to WTF?

Pennsylvania Democrat Ed Rendell: Ugly Chicks, Amirite?

Hillary surrogate Ed Rendell, you're not helping.
History's Greatest Monster, 2016 Edition

Donald Trump Has Had Just About Enough Of Hillary Clinton Raping All These Women!

We thought Hillary was too busy doing MURDER to also run a war on women, too. But if you want something done, ask a busy person!

Trump Spokespiece Katrina Pierson Says It Is Super Cool And Not Sexist To Call Women Bimbos

Katrina Pierson explains to Megyn Kelly that it would actually be MORE sexist if he did not call women "bimbos."

Alabama Legislators Cleverly Devise Foolproof Plan To Ban All The Abortions

State legislators in Alabama have a dream. A beautiful dream to ban all the abortion in their state! For today they vote on whether or not to put a referendum on the state ballot which will allow voters to...
You're cool with this now, right?

Utah Figures Abortions Too Safe And Easy For Ladies, Fixes That For Them

Utah seems like a terrible place. Oh, must we elaborate on that? Fine. Utah seems like a terrible place if you are a woman who has the misfortune of wanting to exercise your constitutional right to have a medical...

Florida Men Tell Ladies To Get Their Hoo-Has Checked At The Dentist

Well, isn't this a neat new trend that's spreading like herpes in a frat house at a state school, only not nearly as fun? A bill passed in the Florida legislature this week would effectively defund Planned Parenthood and other reproductive...

Joe Scarborough Not At All Sorry For Being Dumb Sexist Porcine A-Hole

On Tuesday night, Hillary Clinton gave a speech. And it was a great speech. Unless you are a white dude in The Media, in which case it was not a great speech because Hillary Clinton was giving it. And...

Kentucky’s New Whacknut Governor Suing Planned Parenthood, For The Ladies

We have seen a lot of really dumb reasons for making conservative "pro-life" flared nostrils and GRRRRR noises at women's health clinics. And up until now, we might have said the gold medal for dumbest frickin' reason goes to...

Rand Paul Is Your New Feminist Hero, Apparently

It must be his time of the month because Rand Paul and his luscious locks are quite hysterical about that mean brute Donald Trump and his sexisming! While good decent sensitive males like Paul have respect for strong assertive women,...

Ted Cruz Hasn’t Sticked 17 Kids In His Wife’s Babyhole So Stop Whining, Hillary

You probably don't want to think about how Ted Cruz does the nasty to his wife. You probably don't want to think about Ted Cruz at all, really. But too bad for you. It's his turn to enjoy his moment in the...

Ohio Republicans Suggest Getting Your Lady Parts Checked At Food Banks

Heyyyyyyy, Buckeye ladies. You might have been fretting that you will not be able to get your down-there bidness taken care of proper-like, thanks to CERTAIN PEOPLE in your state trying to shut down your sweet precious love-you-so-much Planned Parenthoods,...

Missouri Lawmaker Says Muslims Want To Abort Him, For Hating Planned Parenthood

Laughing at ridiculous state legislators, for their ridiculous ideas, is all fun and games, until someone threatens to kill them dead. And then it's like, "Hey, don't do that. That's rude!" Missouri state Sen. Kurt Schaefer is trying to stop a...
Academic Freedom's just another word for nothin' left to lose. Fine, it's two.

Missouri Lawmaker Don’t Want No Smart Kids Studyin’ Up On Abortion, No Siree

You at least have to give Missouri state Sen. Kurt Schaefer (R-Did We Even Need To Say?) credit for thoroughness and creativity in his efforts to clamp down on all those women who insist on having abortions even though...