war on terror

Good morning! Our first Clipbait of the week brings you The Daily Show applying the logic of the War on Terror to the West Virginia chemical spill, and Stephen Colbert’s simple plan to make sure Afghanistan won’t fall apart after American troops leave: never leave. TDS had Jason Jones doing a fake remote spot in […]

How unfair is it that (insert name of a beloved family member/spouse/friend/celebrity/pet/serial killer/Iraqi citizen/American soldier here) is dead and Dick Cheney still roams the earth? Just the thought of that ancient visage sneering at all of us from the crypt where he hangs out in between feedings is enough to send yr Wonkette into apoplectic […]

Peter King (R-Stasi) has taking the very brave position of calling for the prosecution of reporters that publish classified data. Presumably, he is only referring to the classified data leaked by whistleblowers, NOT the classified data accidentally revealed by Michele Bachman during primary debates, and definitely not the classified data selectively leaked to news outlets […]

We know it’s been a few days since Barack Obama’s boldly redefined / slightly modified / utterly capitulated in the War On Terror, but since Yr. Editrix said that a good “think piece analysis” is allowed to be late, here is a Sunday morningish Wonket thinky piece on Barry’s big drones -n- Gitmo speech at […]

The New York Times posted an op-ed online Sunday night that’s jarring not only because of its content but because of its very existence: It’s a column from a prisoner at Guantánamo Bay that explains how degrading and painful it is to be force fed while trying to hold a hunger strike to protest his […]

Since this month marks the ten-year anniversary of the War to Soothe George W. Bush’s Daddy Issues, and because our blood pressure has not skyrocketed to the point where it blew out the cuff the nurse strapped around our arm at our last physical, your Wonkette thought it would be fun to take a look […]

Here’s the thing about the Navy: it needs more ships. And possibly more bayonets, so as not to offend the bayonet-Americans. But definitely more ships. This is self-evidently true according to presidential candidate Mitt Romney, who astutely observed the other night that our air force is “older than any time since 1947.” This is also […]

Public Policy Polling polled pretty publicly, preferring poignant probes pertaining to…Ohio. They asked a question during that polling – namely, who was more responsible for Osama bin Laden’s death: Barack Obama or Mitt Romney? Fifteen percent of Ohio Republicans said Mitt Romney. In what some (my colleague Tim Murphy) have called “the greatest thing ever,” […]

Drones! Or, as they are affectionately called, “Flying Killer Robots!” Apparently they are coming soon to American airspace and they will fix everything, from pollution in Nebraska to checking out pirates to fighting fires! So what is NOT to like about domestic drones, maybe that’s the better question! Except for the tiny little problem of […]

The LA Times has published a selection of photos of troops from the 82nd Airborne Division posing with limbs from Afghan bombers. But what is this weird part of the story? “It is a violation of Army standards to pose with corpses for photographs outside of officially sanctioned purposes,” said George Wright, an Army spokesman. […]

Did you hear the latest reason fringe-right American bigots hate their U.S. president, Barack Obama? It’s because insane American soldiers are burning Korans in Afghanistan, at their giant army base prisons all over the country, and this is causing riots and murders and craziness, and the American government has apologized for this outrage … which […]

Hey, kids! Who’s heard of the Constitution? Barack Obama has, he said so in 2007: “Unlike the current president I actually respect the Constitution.” Haha, that was a weird sick joke, what Obama actually meant — if you read carefully — was that he is exactly like the 2007 president, and he too feels the Constitution […]

America’s most hated sagging senatorial sack of jowls and pus has dug another bilious canto of hate from his decaying bowels to cough into America’s face! Crusader warlord Joe Lieberman, this time: Obama is losing America’s wars on brown people because he refuses to formally call every violent extremist on the planet worth killing an […]

Let’s keep this short, so the Obama apologists can get right to work. Time is money, after all! The Obama administration has refused to declassify a secret memo from the George W. Bush presidency that justified the warrantless spying conducted by the National Security Agency (NSA). [The Atlantic via Cryptogon]

Either we are doing a TERRIFIC job keeping those terrorists away, ha ha, OR we are not spending nearly enough money on the real threats in this country. It sounds like maybe it is the latter, because people are just dropping dead everywhere, from things like “dog bites,” instead of at the hands of evil […]