war on christmas

A big congratulatory rubber-gloved handshake to Tennessee state Sen. Stacey Campfield, our inaugural winner of the Legislative Shitmuffin of the Year Award, State Legislator Division. And indeed, who more fitting than the very man who inspired the creation of the award? And so we doff our leather kitten headgear to you, Insert Name Here Stacey […]

Way to go, America! Looks like we got through one more year without becoming a Handmaid’s Tale theocracy, being taken over by sharia law, or rounding up all the Christians and putting them in FEMA camps, so all in all, we’d have to say the state of Church and State is as contentious as ever. […]

Would you believe it’s the final Derp Roundup of 2013? This is where we bring you the virtual melon rinds and coffee grounds of stories that didn’t quite earn a full post of their own, but were too stoopid to ignore altogether. We find they go down a lot easier if you’re heavily anaesthetized — […]

Here is a funny story, but it will probably not be funny to the Texas veterans hospital that is doubtless going to be the next institution to get a whole bunch of Good Christian Death Threats due to Fox News’s pathological inability not to tell shitty and easily disproven “War on Christmas” lies: Fox News […]

Happy Sacred Baby Festival to all you Wonkers! Hope you’ve had as much festivity as you can handle, and perhaps more.* And now, for some Happy Holiderp: a roundup of seasonal stories that were too stoopid to ignore altogether, but not quite worth a whole post of their own. We recommend that you treat it […]

The House of Representatives — we thought they went home, for godssakes! — is considering a nonbinding resolution that “strongly disapproves of attempts to ban references to Christmas.” This vital bit of stance-taking allows its 36 co-sponsors — including two Democrats, so bipartisan! — to make it clear to the American public that they are […]

As if it weren’t bad enough that the right has turned “Merry Christmas” into a shibboleth, now they’re trying to co-opt Festivus.* Senator Rand Paul (R-Galt’s Gulch) announced yesterday that he would be tweeting his very own “airing of grievances” for fun and publicity, and so of course we are compelled to indulge him. Strangely, […]

It will come as no surprise that we are looking to Rob Ford for a lot of advice this holiday season. Whether it be knocking down coworkers on camera (again, sorry Dok!) or threatening to kill someone with our bare hands, Rob Ford has been there to guide us each step of the way. And […]

Our satirical pals at the National Report, whose idea of satire is to write up fake news stories that contain few hints as to their fakeness — because satire does not have to be “funny” — have achieved another epic bit of trolling. About a week ago, they ran a fictitious story about a 9-year-old […]

As we get closer to the actual day of our Lord’s birth — yeah, we went there! Merry Christmas Jesus Birthday, America! None of this mealy-mouthed “Happy Holidays” for us, dammit — we’ve been thinking a lot about what we’re grateful for. Oh wait, that’s Thanksgiving. This is Christmas. We’ve been thinking a lot about […]

Libertarian annoyance Neal Boortz, filling in as host of the Herman Cain radio show (which is an actual thing), added his fair-taxed two cents to the Great Santa Is White Stupid Foofaraw of 2013 Monday, explaining that 1) Santa is, yes, a white Caucasian European-American honky, and 2) Because shut up, he just is, all […]

As we get so close to the big day, you know it is getting time to go big or go home, which is why we’ve been waiting to ask you for this Ultimate Diamond Experience. Sure, the name makes it sound like one of those car wash packages where they will steam clean your engine, […]

Thanks to a 9th-grade teacher in Rio Rancho, New Mexico, America now has its Official Stupidest Meme for the 2013 holiday season. Megyn Kelly’s teevee contribution to the idiocy was certainly the first and loudest, but an unnamed teacher at Cleveland High School gave “Don’t you know Santa Claus is white?” its definitive real-world test […]

If you know us at all, you know what big fans we are of Sarah Palin. Her folksiness speaks to us. She’s just so down home, which is what we love in a Fox News personality/ex-politician/scam artist. You also likely know that we are really really big believers in the gold standard because of our […]

Looks like it’s time for another trip to the ol’ comment queue, that purgatory where comments submitted by new users must cool off until we deem them worthy of inclusion in the Wonkette Community (bribery can help). Our first missive comes from “Sam_Gavurin,” who was not at all pleased with our story about fake “War […]