war forever

Favored pick “Iran” won this season’s Gallup poll for “America’s Top Enemy” by its highest-ever margin, wow! A full third of Americans picked Iran as their most dreaded bogeyman this year (up from a quarter last year) for, eh, some sort of reason. Perhaps a follow-up “why” question might have been interesting or informative here, […]

We’ll probably do more on this shortly, but for the moment: one can only imagine the quantity of wet Depends flying around the McLieberHamBiscuits team offices in celebration right now — crazy old murderous dictator Muammar Qaddafi is super duper dead as a door nail after NTC fighters found him hiding in a drainage pipe.¬†Yes, […]

The Pentagon has announced that it is “repositioning” U.S. war ships, aircraft and “nearly 2,000 Marines” in the Mediterranean Sea, to “provide for flexibility [when we invade Libya].” According to America’s top diplomat Hillary Clinton, the United States and its aircraft carriers believe that “there will be the need for support for humanitarian intervention. We […]

ENDLESS BUMMER  10:13 am March 10, 2009

by Sara K. Smith

FRANKEN-COLEMAN DEATH MATCH STILL IN COURT: Minnesota’s single senator says she expects this will be resolved when the polar ice caps melt; meanwhile, the secretary of state says any hope of a revote is “pure fantasy, pure baloney.” Suggestion: Appoint Roland Burris as interim senator. [Time]