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Your Wonkette had a chance to see the #OWS Bat Signal firsthand last night at the Day of Action protests on the Brooklyn Bridge — take a minute to watch the video. But even more awesomer than the Bat Signal is how it got there, thanks to a nice single mom living in the run-down […]

EVERYONE EXHALE, America’s foremost pillar of Internet opinionation Meghan McCain has finally found time in her manic schedule writing her bi-monthly Daily Beast column to drop by Zuccotti Park so she can do her part and help explain to any of her readers who have been in a coma for the last month, “what’s up […]

What on earth is America come to these days? Wall Street CEO David Moore is just aghast — aghast! — from a thoroughly horrid recent encounter where not only did a New York City street beggar refuse a charitable one-dollar bill that Moore proffered to him, but the beggar (really, you will not believe this) […]

WHUT MADNESS IS THIS? 69% of FoxNews.com’s illiterate poll trolls love the Occupy Wall Street protest so much they want to marry it and get pregnant with miniature copies of Das Kapital? Ha ha, no, it was probably a handful of bored Daily Kos commenters clicking the “YES” button on the survey over and over several […]

Right-wing hobo prince Erick Erickson started a cheeky conservative response to the popular “We are the 99 percent” tumblr with his very own “We are the 53 percent” site using the Republicans’ parrot-poop false “point” that only 53% of Americans pay taxes. The site is remarkable only for the fact that the user-submitted stories are just […]

Americans are so bored with the assortment of bargain bin feces-flingers running for the GOP nomination that — several thousand blathering news cycles and millions of dollars in campaign spending later – only 28% of people can even identify the existence of best-known Republican candidate-clown Rick Perry, because he is terrible and nobody cares about his […]

UH, this picture is the best the lazy photo editors at Fox Nation could do to create propaganda illustrations to fit Michelle Malkin’s lunatic rantings about the MASSIVE RACISM of the Wall Street protesters, the latest teatard fiction du jour to prove the Ocupados are just a bunch of cruel hobos. Yes, just look at […]

HAR HAR the whiny hippie 4-year-olds and their marijuana drugs and their stupid drum circles protesting nothing down on Wall Street, that’s a funny! Such wit! Since there is no “opinions are my own” disclaimer on the Twitter feed of CNN business reporter Alison Kosik, we will assume this is the actual official “investigative journalism” […]

Fox News reporter Griff Jenkins was so desperate to get a liberal protester on camera speaking crazy socialismz that he used the last, most “full nuclear” interview trick in the Fox News handbook — he offered complete journalistic objectivity in exchange for the nice man giving his viewpoint. Watch Jenkins promise this protester, Jesse LaGreca, […]