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Trump Idiot Kellyanne Conway Shocked Hillary Clinton Not Winning More Bigly

BAD JOB, KELLYANNE CONWAY. Also, we kinda feel sorry for her.
Remember the video game?

Stupidest People On Internet Going Postal Over Troll Who Says He Rips Up Trump Absentee Ballots

OMG proof of rampant voter fraud AND the sky is also falling!
It's super easy to do

Republican Officials Only Rigging Vote Against *Black People*, OK Donald Trump?

Donald Trump appears to be giving his concession speech already. He'll be robbed!
Rightwing humor at its edgiest

Donald Trump Warns Mexico Not Just Sending Rapists And Murderers — Now It’s Sending VOTERS

Donald Trump has a new reason for his supporters to harass Latinos, yay!

Looks Like Donald Trump’s Campaign Daddy Might Be Dirty Voter Frauding Bad Guy

Domestic violence allegations, being the horrible man who ran Breitbart, and now this?
True fact: Personal grooming regimen strictly dictated by Andrew Breitbart himself

Surprise! Trump’s New Campaign Chief Had A Little Woman-Beating Problem, Allegedly

Steve Bannon, the guy in charge of a campaign that hates women, has a history of allegedly abusing them!
The cross flag lapel pin is a nice touch.

Kansas Prevents Thousands From Voting, Like Jesus Would Have Wanted

Did you hear THREE foreign people have voted in Kansas in the last 18 years? Obviously everybody else should be disenfranchised, then!
Whoops! (yes, it's shopped. Kansas is not tropical. Yet.)

Kansas Spanish Language Voter Guides Had Some Totally Tiny Errors, No Big Deal At All

In addition to all of Kansas's other teensy little roadblocks to voting -- like the bizarre two-tier registration system where it's possible for some voters to be registered to vote in federal elections but ineligible to vote in state...
Totally not racist.

Alabama Finds New Clever Way To Show The Blacks How Much They Care

Remember that Supreme Court case Shelby County v. Holder, in which the court decided that America had totally gotten over racism and therefore there was no longer a need for racist states like Alabama and Mississippi and Tennessee and Arkansas...
Offer void where brown

Appeals Court Spanks Texas Voter ID Law Right On The Bottom

How's this for timing? Just one day before the 50th anniversary of the Voting Rights Act, a federal appeals court struck down Texas's awful Voter ID law. The three-judge panel ruled that the law discriminates against blacks and Hispanics by...
These ladies were never part of the GOP base.

GOP Full Of Olds Who Will Die Soon, Says Science

According to an article in Politico, the GOP may have a bit of a problem going into the 2016 election, and it's not that all their candidates are morons who frighten the American people, though that is also an...
Ohio is even less expensive than Monopoly!

Ohio Will Let You Vote For The Low, Low Price Of $8.50!

Ohio is on top of our nation's massive problem with voter fraud. You know how Democrats do, during early voting, they vote 900 times, and then they vote 900 more times on Election Day, under the names of so many...
Behind that mask is a very sad face.

Mean Federal Judge Won’t Let James O’Keefe Sue For Libel Just Because He Wasn’t Libeled, Unfair!

Rightwing dildo-lube-boat-enthusiast James O'Keefe is being oppressed again by activist judges and the mean liberal media. An obviously terrible judge has struck down his libel case arising from his infamous (failed) attempt to pretend to be a phone company...
it's not playing the "race card" it's talking about racism

Obama Mentions Voting Rights At Selma, Conservatives Outraged Of Course

On Saturday, your blackest president ever, Barack Obama, traveled to Selma, Alabama, to speak at the 50th anniversary commemoration of "Bloody Sunday," when civil rights protesters were beaten by police when they walked across the Edmund Pettus Bridge. The events...
Aubry Wilhoite. Enemy within.

Man Learns Voting Is Its Own Reward, Too Bad Reward Is A $1000 Fine

Conservatives looking for the newest fad in voter suppression need to flip off the Drudge Sirens and stealthily motor on down to Tennessee. Last year, 58-year old Aubry Wilhoite voted early in the primary for Bedford County Commissioner. Since no one was...
No fair, why does HE get to use his phone and we can't? MOM!

Wingnut Group’s Exciting ‘Vote Fraud’ App Discovers Black Woman In Polling Place

The tech-savvy wingnuts at True The Vote (a group inalterably opposed to both truth and voting) had a brilliant idea to allow their supporters to document all the dirty shenanigans and voter fraud that they just knew for sure...