voter fraud

We have listened to the ceaseless drumbeat of voter fraud allegations for SO GODDAMN LONG and we honestly did figure that their overzealous searching would eventually turn up some minor thing somewhere, and then based on that minor thing, they could crow about how they were right that Demoncraps were bussing truckloads of Messicans to […]

You know what’s wonderful? Living in a post-racial America, where everyone is judged based on the content of their character and not the color of their skin. For example: Tucker Carlson is a dick not because of his race, but because he is a cosmic turd wrapped in leaking anal polyps sent here to punish […]

We all had a bit of a sad when crazy Sharron Angle and her Second Amendment solutions lost her challenge to Harry Reid back in 2010. Oh, sure, Harry’s competent and an effective Majority Leader and, significantly, not full-bugfuck crazy. But Sharron Angle was entertaining, with her nutso call — long before the election of […]

Wonkamigos and wonkiritas, we have a problem. It seems that some piece of shit Tea Party group has decided that it is perfectly appropriate to attack our beloved 2013 Legislative Badass of the Year, Elijah Cummings (D-Pure Awesomesauce). And they did not only attack him, but they did so in a Congressional hearing. Yep, the […]

Nobody needs to worry about Texas’s new voter ID law — at least, nobody except for the god-knows-how many people who end up in long lines while poll workers help people sort through the problems resulting from the new voter ID law. Just to be on the safe side, the Dallas County elections department mailed […]

Mitt Romney’s chances of winning Pennsylvania’s electoral votes were dealt a serious blow on Friday as a Commonwealth Court judge issued a permanent injunction against the enforcement of PA’s strict voter ID law. In the ruling, Judge Bernard L. McGinley noted that, despite compelling evidence that the law would disenfranchise hundreds of thousands of eligible voters, […]

Wyoming’s Own Liz Cheney is very from Wyoming, and probably so is her husband Phil Perry, who “continues to practice law in Washington,” and “has been registered to vote in both Virginia and Wyoming for the past nine months, even though he signed a document in Wyoming saying he was not registered elsewhere,” which is such […]

So the GOP has been on a tirade about combating voter fraud by dead people, even though after spending millions of dollars like the folks in South Carolina, they find out that dead people aren’t voting, because they are dead and zombies aren’t real. However, we now learn that dead people are storing up treasures […]

Zombies are all the rage these days, from the video games kids are playing to teevee shows and movies, you can’t go anywhere to escape them. Not even the voting booth, according to South Carolina lying liar Attorney General Alan Wilson. From the Columbia Free Times: For a while last year, you couldn’t turn on […]

Drudge Sirens! We have finally found some voter fraud! And we mean REAL voter fraud, unlike a GOP guy throwing away voter registration forms, GOP voter suppression efforts, an election worker adding GOP votes to blank absentee ballots, or idiot Fox News fans “testing” whether vote fraud was possible. No, by “voter fraud,” we mean […]

DId you know only about 1 percent of Mainers are of the African American variety of American? Did you know that adds up (every little bit counts!) to about 15,000 or so black Mainers? Well Maine GOP chair Charlie Webster apparently did not know that, because, as he told NBC, a whole bunch of black […]

In fifty-nine Philadelphia voting divisions, Mitt Romney received zero votes. Fifty-nine. Zero. Italics. Fox Nation posts this Philadelphia Inquirer article, leaving their commentariat to worry that maybe Obama totally vote-frauded the city, and Romney would have won if not for Obama’s grand scheme to totally eliminate Republicans from 3.5% of the total precincts in Philadelphia, a […]

Hey, remember that guy who bragged that the state of Pennsylvania would go for Miffed Romney — despite an unprecedented 142 percent polling gap — because they had implemented voter ID? It’s done, he said, and in tones similar to the whole Diebold “we are committed to delivering the state of Ohio for George W. […]

Back in 2004 and 2008, GOP operative Nathan Sproul was constantly being accused of voter registration fraud — including having his workers misrepresent themselves as nonpartisan, and then having them throw away or destroy registration forms turned in by Democrats. (One Utah Republican noted, “the difference between ACORN and Sproul is that ACORN doesn’t throw […]