vote fraud

Well here’s some nice time for your Tuesday: In Wisconsin, Federal District Judge Lynn Adelman struck down the state’s dumb voter ID law (voter ID laws are, by definition, dumb), ruling that the state failed to prove that there’s any voter fraud that needs to be fixed, and that it also didn’t prove that people […]

Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach is branching out from hating immigrants (he helped draft Arizona’s “papers please” immigration law), and is now touting the virtues of the state’s restrictive voter ID law, which requires people to present their birth certificate or other proof of citizenship in order to register to vote. The measure has […]

Wyoming’s Own Liz Cheney is very from Wyoming, and probably so is her husband Phil Perry, who “continues to practice law in Washington,” and “has been registered to vote in both Virginia and Wyoming for the past nine months, even though he signed a document in Wyoming saying he was not registered elsewhere,” which is such […]

This morning, we asked for your completely unscientific, anecdotal reportage on how the 2013 vote has been going. It would seem that the wheels of Democracy are turning fairly well, with only a few squeaky glitches here and there! Hurrah for the integrity of the process and all that. AS FAR AS WE CAN TELL. […]

Here is a funny thing! Last week we got a hilarious tip on a bunch of balderdash emanating from the Free Republic, from whom is lost in the mists of time, so we will say “from VodkaGoGo,” about how OMG “Barry Soetoro” is registered to vote at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, because Barack Obama is the […]

After hearing ad nauseam about how Dumbocrats were totally going to ACORN it up this year — and Pundit Press, among others, thinks they totally did — it seems the only three people who actually tried to in-person vote fraud this year were Republicans. So weird! One was a sad idiot lady in sad, idiot […]

Oregon’s mail-in balloting procedure is pretty secure, all in all, but it’s not entirely perfect, especially if an elections worker is of a mind to cause some mischief. Take, for instance, Deanna Swenson (please!), an election worker in Clackamas County, Oregon, who was fired and is being investigated for criminal vote fraud after she allegedly […]

Good video, Pennsylvania! Very melting pot and clear-skinned and chipper, we’re sure! There may be a little bit of an omission about how 10 percent of your voting populace won’t get to actually vote under your new voter ID law, but we’re sure if they just show up with the birth certificate and the marriage […]

It sure must have been embarrassing for young master James O’Keefe when every single part of his latest vote fraud video was laughed out of the room. (He said a dead dude was voting, but edited out the part where it was clear that it was the dead dude’s son, Dead Dude Jr., to whom […]

James O’Keefe has a new video, you guys, and it is super-exciting because it shows how those horrible Ivy Tower LIEBERALS at the University of North Carolina didn’t fink on a “Democrat-friendly election fraud scheme” of a kid voting for both Romney and Gingrich! Huh? What it says, dudes. The first part of the video […]

OMG did you hear what Hillary Clinton said, in Nigeria? “You know we’ve had all kinds of problems in some of our past elections as you might remember. In 2000, our presidential election came down to one state where the brother of the man running for president was the governor of the state, so we […]