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Here’s Jon Stewart, giving us both of the plausible scenarios in last week’s downing of Malaysia Airlines flight 17: maybe it was shot down by poorly-trained pro-Russian separatists in Ukraine, using surface-to-air missiles provided by Russia. Or there’s the other possibility, floated by those Russian separatists: the plane was loaded with corpses and then made […]

There’s a big chewy profile of Old Handsome Joe Biden in the New Yorker today, and the pull quote that everyone’s repeating is Biden’s riff on George W. Bush’s soul-reading performance in 2001, when he looked Vladimir Putin in the eye and got “a sense of his soul.” Biden tells New Yorker reporter Evan Osnos […]

Following last week’s shooting down of Malaysia Airlines flight MH 17, Fox News has been very busy criticizing Barack Obama for his completely insensitive actions in continuing on a fundraising tour, even though America’s national security was clearly at stake following the event (which may also have been just a distraction from the border crisis). […]

Ever since the Malaysian airliner was shot down by a surface-to-air missile on Thursday, so very many people have used it as an opportunity to be terrible. See, for example, Wonkette hate favorite Bryan Fischer, who is pretty sure that it was awesome that a whole bunch of AIDS researchers were killed and also too […]

A Malaysia Air 777 has crashed, probably shot down by a ground-to-air missile, over eastern Ukraine today. We are still in the early “very little is confirmed” stages of this story, so get ready for all sorts of maybe-facts that are likely to become fodder for suspicion and conspiracy theories. At this point, it appears […]

OK, we almost passed on writing this, because the whole thing just seems too good/bad to be true, too perfectly tailored for a good solid skewering by yr Wonkette. However, we haven’t found anything on the internet to debunk this bad boy, so we’re going in. Have you been enjoying your liberal elitist World Cup? […]

Whoa, Vladimir Putin! We already know he’s a manly man who can tame wild animals and annex any country’s territory at the drop of a hat, unlike our own president, Kunta Kenya, who wears mom jeans and eats his hamburgers with some kind of fancy mustard like a homo or a Frenchman (but we repeat […]

Greetings, diseased offal of Western capitalism! It is I, Vladimir Putin, here again to make the speaking to your Wonkette! Is most grateful privilege that I speak at you about most important news in Russia this week. More important than invasion of Ukraine, even! And is not invasion. We were invited. Yes, this is true! […]

Ladies, it’s all your fault. Hopefully you realize this by now, because all the evidence is clear, and there is literally nothing that cannot be blamed on you. Like how you will divorce your husband just because he is having penile-vaginal relations with another woman, when it’s obviously your fault he was cheating in the […]

We know everyone within the Wonkette universe has complicated feels about floor wax/dessert topping Edward Snowden, but a new story about the Libertarian Man of Mystery has totally blown our minds, and now we don’t know what to think. If this newest claim being made about the documents he stole from the NSA turns out […]

Once again, we binge-watched teevee all weekend to bring you Monday’s Happy links. How many recaps do we have for you today? All of them, pretty much. Family-friendly fuzzy dramedy “Parenthood” wrapped up its season last week so now you will have no more Parenthood recaps from us and you will be sad. At the […]

New York Times columnist David Brooks, whose only real expertise is chronicling the lives of the slightly disaffected but mostly pretty happy upper middle class exurban dweller, decided to go on “Meet the Press” Sunday to explain how Obama just isn’t man enough to handle the Middle East. Let’s go to the tape to hear […]

See if you can follow the logic on this one, kids: On Fox’s Hannity Wednesday night, automated mobile grievance unit Allen West suggested that the Fort Hood shootings were the inevitable result of Barack Obama’s failure to recognize that America has international enemies. Now, by the time the program aired, it was pretty clear that […]

Jimmy Fallon’s Vladimir Putin schtick just won’t seem to go away, and so why not add to the pain by adding someone else who just won’t go away? So here’s Sarah Palin, trying out her comedy chops for the sake of plugging her new reality teevee show. Spoiler alert: She actually delivers a funny line […]

Some weeks a mere column cannot contain all the voices that echo through the vast Grand Guignol inside her skull. So Sister Peggy Noonan of the Sisters of Delirium Tremens must take to the pages of the blog that Mr. Murdoch has so graciously provided her at the Wall Street Journal’s website to entertain us […]