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Whatever Happened In Sweden, Donald Trump Pretty Sure They Had It Coming

Wi nøt trei a høliday in Sweden this yër?

Federal Judge Orders Long Layover In Seattle For Trump’s Travel Ban

So here's a big setback for That Man In the White House. He'll probably react with grace and poise.
Gaul is supposed to be a big deal, but it's very disappointing. Terrible golf. Sad!

Hold On To That Refugee Nice Time, Because Trump Is Telling All Those Judges To F*ck Right Out Of Here

Is violating a federal court order really all that bad if you really think it's necessary?

Arrivals, Departures, Resistance

No Dear Shitferbrains this week. We've got a whole Shitferbrains administration to deal with instead.

Trump Bans Immigration From Muslim Countries Without Trump Hotels

Here's an immigration policy that will finally provide an answer to the question, 'Why do they hate us?'

Wonkagenda: Wednesday, August 24, 2016

You get in here and read your news brief, RIGHT NOW!
we don't believe you cuz we the people

Donald Trump Will Cut Off Mexico’s Ear Unless It Pays Him One MILLION Dollars

Donald Trump is making what sounds like new news to everyone with his exciting plan to pay for the Mexico Border Wall by seizing remittances sent by immigrants to their families in their home countries -- presumably whether those...

Sneaky Chinese Millionaires Ruining America, Making Trump Family Richer

If there's anything that makes Donald Trump angry, it's how the Chinese have gamed the world economy to their advantage, which means America never wins anymore. The other thing that really cheeses Trump off is people gaming our immigration...

Rand Paul Thought Of Banning Muslims First. How Come Trump Gets All The Credit?

Rand Paul. Remember that guy? Nah, probably not. He is a "doctor" and a "senator" and technically still a Republican presidential candidate, although honestly, we haven't thought about him in weeks. But damnit, he would really like some attention please!...
When You Absolutely, Positively Need To Improve Your Poll Numbers Overnight

Chris Christie Wants Barcodes For Foreigners, Just Like You Know Who

Sad Bayonne hound Chris Christie offered a novel way to crack down on illegal immigration, which the 2016 Republican primary voters all agree is the greatest crisis in the world (apart maybe from Benghazi). Oh, sure, maybe a 300-foot...
Considering that's an 1861 flag, maybe we should let the little Timelord stay

GOP Candidates Take Knife To Messican-Loving Parts Of Constitution

You old folks may remember a time when it was actually controversial, back in 2010, when Iowa congressmelon Steve King wanted to trash the 14th Amendment and its guarantee of birthright citizenship, so Our Nation wouldn't sink to the...

Donald Trump Copied Scott Walker’s Immigration Homework, Says Scott Walker

As we already told you (sheesh, do you people EVER listen?), Donald Trump released his terrifically detailed immigration policy, and it's terrific. And classy. And beautiful. And tremendous. And the most brilliant policy you ever did read. And in...
Unfair! Ted Cruz is much easier to hit with sticks! So Biased!

Donald Trump Has Detailed Plan To Kick Mexico’s Ass Now, And It’s Terrific

Looks like we all have to start taking Donald Trump seriously now, because his campaign has posted a very serious position paper on immigration that explains how Donald Trump would make all the scary immigrants go back where they...
Unfair! Ted Cruz is much easier to hit with sticks! So Biased!

Donald Trump Imports Waitstaff From Mexico, To Keep An Eye On Them Probably

The greatest jobs president God ever created is doing a fantastic job of creating jobs in America, even before he's president. Donald Trump's hotels and resorts have been especially good at creating jobs for foreign workers, according to an...
You're looking especially Muppetlike today, Senator

NJ Sen. Robert Menendez Indicted; Sorry, Daily Caller, No Fake Underaged Hookers This Time

Sen. Robert Menendez (D-New Jersey) has been indicted on corruption charges by the Justice Department in a bribery scandal that Yr Wonkette would never even cover if the guy had been a Democrat. He's accused of receiving campaign contributions...