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Incels Hope To Be Taken ‘Seriously’ Following Latest Woman-Hating Murder Spree

Meet the incels. They want us dead.

Interior Official Thinks Parkland Shooting Was False Flag, Tried To Kill His Girlfriend

Kevin Sabo went to jail for cutting the brakes on his ex-girlfriend's car.

Deleted Comments: You Know What Causes School Shootings? Porn And Not Loving The Founders.

In which we learn that the true mark of an educated American is meeting the arbitrary demands of a guy in the comments.

New York Is Coming For Your Guns (If You’ve Been Convicted Of Domestic Violence)

It is now significantly less terrifying to be a victim of domestic violence in New York state!

Orrin Hatch Just Heartbroken Over How This Rob Porter Scandal Has Hurt Orrin Hatch

He seems more heartbroken for himself than the woman who got punched in the face.

Trump Spending Cuts Gonna Do Austerity To Us, And It Is Going To Be AWESOME!

Well at least we'll all have the Kingdom of Heaven.

Surprise! Trump’s New Campaign Chief Had A Little Woman-Beating Problem, Allegedly

Steve Bannon, the guy in charge of a campaign that hates women, has a history of allegedly abusing them!

Girlfriend-Kicking Garbage Tech Dude Gurbaksh Chahal May Finally Go To Jail!

The most he's getting is two years, but at least it's something?

2014: The Year All Rape Ended Forever Because It Never Existed Obviously

In the early days of 2014, the world was a simpler, happier place. Bill Cosby was still a kindly, grandfatherly funnyman and not a horrible monster rapist, and we all enjoyed playfully teasing him about his sweaters and Jell-O...
No, none come to mind

Are There Any Women Bill Cosby Didn’t (Allegedly) Rape?

When woman after woman kept coming forward in the Tiger Woods adultery scandal, I kept hoping it would hit 18, just for all the wonderful “18 holes” jokes that would practically write themselves. It was pretty easy to keep lighthearted...
Gabby Giffords at a gun show. Obviously wants to ban all guns

Stalkers And Domestic Abusers Aren’t Allowed To Have Guns, Unfair!

OK, so if 26 dead children in Newtown, and a couple hundred dead kids since then, aren't a good enough reason to pass gun control of some kind -- even just an expansion of background checks to cover gun...

Bipartisan Nice Time: House Members Try To Stop Global Violence Against Women

A bipartisan group of House representatives just reintroduced the International Violence Against Women Act (IVAWA). Yes, you read that correctly -- there are Democrats AND Republicans who have bridged the cavernous divide on an issue as basic as trying...