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He probably 'regrets' saying all these things on Twitter now.

Who'd have guessed that North Carolina may be a key state in Democrats' hopes of retaking the Senate? We're just as surprised as you!

Sen. Jeff Sessions would jsut like us to remember how tough on crime Donald Trump is: So tough he called for the execution of five falsely-accused teens!

Donald Trump regrets some things he said. What things? Things.

Danell Levya has won two silver medals in Rio, and even better, he is a TOTAL feminist and a super-supporter of LGBT rights.

Donald Trump doesn't have a very high opinion of American intelligence. That seems ungrateful to the people who won him the nomination.

More gotcha journalism from the lamestream media!

Could Trump's national security briefing end up leaking state secrets to Russia? MAYBE.

Don't worry, everyone, she is FINE, our headline is a big joke!

Where does Hillary get off running for president, and where the hell does Obama get off supporting her? UNFAIR!

Donald Trump campaign spokeswoman Katrina Pierson proved herself to be her boss's intellectual equal this weekend.

Let's take a look at a couple of safe Democratic Senate seats for a change. Also, an incumbent who was once falsely accused of sheep diddling.


Shouldn't the vote just love Donald Trump tremendously and bigly, and come directly to him?

Obama knew he was term-limited out of the presidency, but he probably thought he got to be the Antichrist forever, NO FAIR.

A gentleman named American Patriot had some choice words about patriotism and treason for reporters in the press pen at a Trump rally.

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