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Sorry To Be Such A Michelle Wolf, But Sarah Huckabee Sanders Is Total Fucking Liar Again

Hate to break it to you, but she lied about Stormy Daniels. A LOT.

Rudy Giuliani May Have Committed Wee Oopsie In Trump/Stormy Daniels Case, If You Can Even Believe It

Is Rudy Giuliani evil, senile, stupid or ALL OF THEM KATIE?

Rod Rosenstein Dares You To Come For His Ass

Sorry House Freedom Caucus, but Rod Rosenstein ain't give a shit about you.

Time For More Stupid Gun Shit If You Can Believe That

Say what you will about the trade deficit, but America manufactures more Gun Stupid than any other country.

Trump Knows Why Democrats Tricked Russia Into Tricking Trump Into Doing Conspiracies With Russia

President Good Brain's synapses are firing again.

No, We Are Not Reading Devin Nunes’s Stupid Ass House Intel Russia Report, Thanks For Asking

scott pruitt looking kind of insane in video screenshot

Scott Pruitt Goes To Congress, Belches Out Smog

New EPA regulations allow him to dump unprecedented amounts of bullshit on the floor of Congress.

Boat Nazis Are Ski Nazis Now, Do INCREDIBLE JOB Spending Donors’ Money On Sweet Vacay

Man, and we thought Surf Nazis were bad.

Trump’s Very Good Brain DEMENTIA-SPLODES All Over ‘Fox & Friends’!

HOT DAMN, this interview!
Gonna fuck you up!

Sorry, Trump! Even If You Fire Robert Mueller, He Is Still BOSS OF YOUR ASS

Robert Mueller is planting landmines for Trump ERRWHERE.

Jim Bakker Thinks Abortion Doctors More Powerful Than GOD

If there's a just and merciful god, why does Jim Bakker still have a TV show, huh?

The 10 Best Pics Of Trump Being Gay For Emmanuel Macron, Plus One Where Melania Gets A Bite

Imagine how hot these pics would be if Barack Obama was still president!

Sexxxy Emmanuel Macron Snuggles Donald Trump So Melania And America Don’t Have To

Yay, Donald's dashing boyfriend is in town!

Betsy DeVos Just Solved Discrimination In Schools! By Axing All Investigations Into Discrimination In Schools

Is there really that much discrimination in education? If you don't look for it, probably none at all.
Have you ever REALLY LOOKED at your hand? Fascinating.

Pot Legalization Bills Big Today For Some Reason. Spring Weather, Probably.

Lots of completely unnecessary giggling today. Knock that off, you.