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Rick Santorum Has Sexxy Advice For Barack Obama: Stop Being Pathetic About Iraq

  Serial Loser Says What?

On Monday, Rick Santorum dropped by the Family Research Council’s MOAR WORDS!

Mark Fuhrman – Yes, MARK FUHRMAN! – Will Now Speculate At You About Michael Brown

Yep, this happened.

Where in America can a retrograde, humiliated racist cop go for redemption 20 years after being cast out of decent society? Why, to Fox News of course! Which is lucky for Mark Fuhrman, ...

Officer ‘Go F*ck Yourself’ Suspended Indefinitely, Cop Who Killed Michael Brown Still On Vacay

  It's the least they can do ... the very least

Finally, some accountability for that one cop in Ferguson, Missouri. No, not that cop, stupid. Officer Darren Wilson, who killed Michael Brown, ...

Let’s All Enjoy This Ferguson Protester Yelling At Fox News

This DOES make us feel better


Gov. Nixon Declares State Of Emergency And Curfew In Ferguson, It Goes Really Well

  not helping

In a press conference Saturday afternoon, Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon once again emerged from the spider hole where he has MOAR WORDS!

Sovereign Citizen Hero Fails To Spark Revolution By Threatening Babysitter, Setting Fire, Shooting At Cops

  North Dallas Folly
Can't imagine why patriots keep failing to follow these guys,


The Sarah Palin Fartknocker Report: Sarah Palin Learns Elizabeth Warren A Thing Or Two

  Honey bring me another bag of Taco Bell I'll be in my room

of the devilMOAR WORDS!

Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski So Mad That Senator Mark Begich Won’t Stop Telling People They Hang Out

  people will say we're in love

We had utterly and completely forgotten the fact that one of Alaska’s Senate seats is up for grabs this year. Hell, even the RNC MOAR WORDS!