Twitchy, which is the website your mom would put together if she were a crazy conservative asshole obsessed with microscopically relevant Twitter bullshit, has CONFIRMED TODAY RIGHT NOW that #tcot was the most popular political hashtag in 2012, and so really it is president. Since Twitchy launched in March, we’ve been documenting daily evidence of conservative Twitter […]

Bobby Jindal was supposed to be elected President in 2012 after America realized what a goofball Barack Obama was, spending money on volcano research and other pointless endeavors while a budget hawk like Jindal waited in the wings ready to swoop in with hot money-saving tips. But now Jindal’s, and indeed America’s, dreams may be […]

Well, the Minnesota state canvassing board is set to certify Al Franken the winner of the Senate race against Norm Coleman. But maybe because it is Minnesota and the cold slows everything down (?), it will take a week for those certified results to show up … on a certificate. That gives Coleman the opportunity […]

John McCain finished his angry old-man rant, Hillary finished her “I have made no decisions” speech, folks talked about some stuff in the middle, and now it’s time for Barack Obama, the Hopeful Boy Unicorn, to bring it home. Of course the Decemberists opened for him here in St. Paul, so we can assume the […]