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Do you live in Shasta County, California? If so, you really need to come and collect your County Board of Supervisors, because they just unanimously voted to explore, in a seemingly unironic fashion, the wide world of chemtrails. Unanimously. As in no one disagreed with this plan of action. We checked to see if Victoria […]

Thank Loki and Coyote, our favorite political trickster hero, Victoria Jackson, has unleashed a spanking-new ad for her campaign to win election to a county commission in Tennessee. Her very own blog headline for this thing is “Victoria Jackson Campaign Video # 2,” and we couldn’t agree more with that assessment. Come, let us delight […]

Who could have predicted this? Joni Ernst, whose adorable PigBalls ad won her Iowa’s Republican nomination for Senate, is also afraid of the United Nations’ Agenda 21, which she is pretty sure is a global environmentalist plot to force everyone to live in cities and mingle with hippies. The Iowa Democratic Party released an ad […]

Has Victoria Jackson been informed of this? The U.S. Supreme Court has declined the chance to save Tennessee from rampant sharia law, or at least it won’t intervene in a bullshit case claiming that the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro was constructed without adequate public notice. Opponents of the existence of Muslims had filed the suit […]

Some months ago, our dearly departed Doktor Zoom, who apparently thinks he can take personal days just because we told him personal days don’t roll over and he should take some personal days, brought you the hilarious story of Victoria Jackson’s crusade against tiny cartoon genitals in the 20-year-old book It’s Perfectly Normal. We get […]

CBS has announced that Stephen Colbert will replace David Letterman on “The Late Show,” leaving one really important question unanswered: if Stephen Colbert becomes David Letterman, who then will be Stephen Colbert? Never fear. We’ve compiled an incisive and trenchant and helpful list of 13 People Who Should Be Your New Stephen Colbert. We were […]

Victoria Jackson is ready to be elected as the next member of the County Commission of Williamson County, Tennessee, and she proves it in an interview with the Nashville Tennessean. She just wants to save America, or at least her corner of it, from everything that’s going wrong, and like lots of wingnuts, she thinks […]

Ladies and Gentlemen, here is Victoria Jackson, your next County Commissioner for Williamson County, Tennessee, singing a song that’s straight from the teabagger id, all about Barack Obama and how he is coming to take away everything from you, leaving you nothing but food stamps and teensy-tiny drawings of genitals. It’s a catchy little ditzy […]

Oh, boy, campers, looks like V-Jack is on a tear again! This time, she has discovered that there are a lot of books in public schools that she disagrees with! Just try and decipher this paragraph, which is not from a public school textbook, but from the blog of Victoria Jackson, which is a woman, […]

Welcome to another Derp Roundup, where we take a wire brush to our browser tabs, douse ‘em with brain bleach, and bring you the stories that were too stupid to ignore. We recommend a healthy portion of your favorite reality-dilution elixir before reading on. Our Top Derp goes to the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition with […]

Glenn Beck, what is up with you? You pass into seeming irrelevance, and then alla sudden, you are getting an amazeballs amount of attention. Within a few hours of our story yesterday about how you felt kinda-sorta sorry that you divided America with all your divisiveness, we also learned that you said that Bill Nye […]

We asked you to help Wonkette frenemy Victoria Jackson with her inspiring run for alderthingie of her hometown in Tennessee (not Florida, stupid internet), and you came through! Our winning entry is from Gleem McShineys, and it is titled “V-Jack’s Secretz Revealed.” We were taken by the technical proficiency, as well as the metaphorical eloquence […]

Remember back in 2012 when Republicans were all, like, “Heyyyyyyyyyy ladies,” and the ladies were all, like, “Fuck you, assholes,” and did not vote for Republicans because they are Republicans and also assholes? (But we repeat ourselves.) So since it’s a day that ends in “y,” Republicans have a shinier newer plan to make the […]

Now here’s a campaign that Yr Wonkette can absolutely get behind: Comedic Has-Been and Political Expert Victoria Jackson is giving some thought to running for office in whatever horrible Florida Tennessee* wasteland she calls home: Should I run for “Alderman” in my town? I wanna make a difference. I want to help educate my fellow […]

Happy Birthday wishes to beloved Wonkette Content Generator Victoria Jackson! She continues to fight the weird fight, even though she daily risks being forced by the UN to ride a bike or getting edited by Fox News into even greater incoherence. After the jump, some birthday highlights!