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Martha Raddatz Yanks Talking Stick From Hillary To ‘Splain Donald Trump What ‘War’ Is

Martha Raddatz was a Very Good Moderator!

BREAKING: Jill Stein Idiot

After this, we are not covering Jill Stein no more, AND YOU CAN'T MAKE US.


Decent Trump supporters exist! In theory!

Awesome Governor Won’t Pardon *Actually Innocent* Man, Because ‘Justice.’ Guess Who, It Is Mike Pence!

Sure, we knew Mike Pence was a piece of shit. But this case really underlines the point.

All The Times Mike Pence Defended Donald Trump’s Past Statements By HEY LOOK OVER THERE!

If Mike Pence won the debate, he did it by conveniently ignoring everything Donald Trump has ever said.
Stoled from Twitters, will credit if we find out what magnificent bastard did this.

Mike Pence Did Pretty Good In Debate — Will Donald Trump Punch Him Right In The Face?

Mike Pence did pretty well in the Veepbate. Maybe too well?
Very concerned. And not a little constipated.

Mike Pence Pretty Mad At Hillary Clinton For Only Having 1/26th Trump’s Proposed National Debt

Would you believe supposed deficit hawk Mike Pence is lying about how Hillary Clinton's economic plan would affect deficits and debt? Of course you would!

Mike Pence ‘Compassionately’ Wants To Nationalize Your Uterus

Mike Pence doesn't 'balance' his faith with public policy. He uses his faith as a weapon against women.

Time To Get Romanced By Tim Kaine While Mike Pence Watches. Your Vice Presidential Debate Preview!

All the important details you never wanted to know about tonight's debate!

Paul Ryan Is A Idiot, But Not Enough To Take Speaker’s Job. Or Is He?

Out of the chaos in Congress, following Kevin McCarthy's decision to not become the most inarticulate speaker of the House ever (because SEX SCANDAL, allegedly), a consensus has strangely arisen as sometimes happens in Washington and the political Talking...

A Children’s Treasury of Butthurt Reactions To Joe Biden’s Debate Demeanor

Say, did you notice that Joe Biden was just a little interrupty in the VP Debate? We are given to understand that Old Handsome Joe's performance made a bit of a stir among some of the more sensitive souls...

Vice-Presidential Debate Live-Bloog: Paul ‘The Kid’ Ryan Takes On Old Handsome Joe

What's this, Sara Benincasa is joining us tonight, in our domicile? Does she have hair to braid? We will soon find out! In the meantime, here is the first and last nice thing we will most likely say about...

Extra Credit For Everyone

Here's what happened last night, in case you missed all the Action because you chose to plan your drinking game around every time Palin said the word "maverick," in which case you probably died around 9:15 PM. So even...