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At Least Fox News Is *Sorry* For Calling Autistic 10-Year-Old An Entitled Stalking Snowflake

It's good Fox News has apologized for yelling at an autistic little boy. Maybe they should not yell at little kids to begin with?

Mike Pence Brings Message Of Peace, Love, Total Annihilation To Korea

Let's see if yelling about war helps. That usually helps, right?

Dumb Idiot Paul Ryan Can’t Even Pass His Own Stupid Obamacare Repeal

It's easy: Just repeal the ACA while keeping the ACA in place.

Wonkagenda: Wednesday, October 5, 2016

You get in here and read your news, RIGHT NOW!
Wonkette assumes no liability for nightmares resulting from this Photoshop

Tim Kaine Pretty Good On Abortion For Middle Aged Catholic Dude

Before we start pooping on him, let's first stipulate that both I and Yr Editrix are very happy with the Kaine pick. His first speech as Hillary's running mate was shockingly good. Not only was he good, but the...

Let’s Watch Hillary Clinton Make A Big Announcement! Bet She’s Going To Jail! (Updated)

Hillary Clinton is announcing her VP pick today! Let's watch, shall we? We shall!
Stoled from Twitters, will credit if we find out what magnificent bastard did this.

Mike Pence To Handle A Bit More Than Typical Veep, Like ‘Domestic Policy And Foreign Policy’

It's a good thing Mike Pence isn't a power-hungry jerk. At least we hope he isn't because if Donald Trump wins in November, Pence will run things while Trump golfs.
Awww, he's even saying you're awesome on HIS birthday. WHAT A GUY!

Happy Birthday, Old Handsome Joe Biden! You Don’t Look A Day Over SEXXXY

Stop the newsreels, for it's time to sing a lustful, off-key rendition of the Marilyn Monroe birthday song, not to the president of the world, but to the VICE PRESIDENT of the world, Old Handsome Joe Biden! He turns...
That babby's binky is a big fuckin' deal

Old Handsome Joe Biden, Binky Thief

So here, as they say, is a thing that happened: Georgina Bloomberg, daughter of former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg, posted the above photo to her MyFacePlaceSpace page with the comment, "What's a boy to do when the Vice President...
When caffeine gets drowsy, it takes a little Joe Biden

Old Handsome Joe Biden Said Another Swear!

Prepare for some pissing and moaning, probably, over Old Handsome Joe Biden just being Old Handsome Joe Biden again: Thursday, at a Harvard event, His Handsomeness said a swear, kinda-sorta: “Isn’t it a bitch, I mean … that vice president...

Meet Your New Vice Presidential Candidate, The One and Only History’s Greatest Monster, Paul Ryan

Well how about that. Mitt Romney has chosen that nice young Boy Scout from down the street who's offered to fix our finances, Rep. Paul Ryan, to be his presidential running mate. A few things about Paul Ryan: He...

Michael Gerson: Mitt Romney Must Let Chris Christie Emasculate Him

All of these conservative dingdongs out there arguing for THE BOLD VICE PRESIDENT OPTION OF DEATH don't seem to acknowledge that they're forcing their presidential candidate to essentially humiliate himself and run a bottom-heavy ticket, as if that's a...

Conservatives And Liberals Unite To Get Paul Ryan on Presidential Ticket

The Weekly Standard, the Wall Street Journal editorial page, and even ol' Starburst are all engaged in furious last-minute lobbying to persuade Mitt Romney to select that nice young Boy Scout down the street who's offered to fix our...

Romney Campaign Responds To Bain Controv– OH MY GOD LOOK OVER THERE IT’S CONDI RICE!

So here we were, the Great Big American Family, watching the Obama campaign just beating the dickens out of a cornered Mitt Romney and all of his secret Bain Capital overlord-for-life titles. Didn't it seem pretty bad, relative to...

Insert Watergate Headline Here

Good Monday! In the news today, Republican battles to not be involved in Mitt Romney's campaign at all intensify, "Tricky Dick" had a mortifying nickname for a reason, and the Supreme Court wants you to stop telling them how...