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VA Nominee Dr. Ronny Jackson Grabs Two Beers, Pops Airplane Door, Slides Away Into History

Add 'Ronny Jackson' to your list of items to be included in 'Trivial Pursuit: The Trump Years'

Trump Supports V.A. Pick Dr. Ronny Jackson, While Driving Bus Over Ronny-Jackson-Shaped Bump

Donald Trump sure knows how to pick 'em!

Dr. Ronny Jackson’s VA Confirmation ‘Delayed’ Even After He Assures Senate It’s Not Fat

Wait, we thought he was affable. Is he still affable?
A leader of little green plastic men

Donald Trump Lies About Donations To Vets’ Charities, Will Debate Bernie Sanders ‘For Charity’

Donald Trump: as good at charity as he is at everything else in life. Bernie Sanders: doing this why, exactly?

Can We See Ben Carson’s Birth Certificate, Just To Prove He Was Really Born?

"Doctor" "Ben" "Carson" -- if that is even his real name, and we have reason to doubt -- has some real cool inspirational stories about his life. He grew up on a special kind of private sector welfare, which...
And a former thug. Grr.

Ben Carson Insists He Really Was A Teen Thug, Stabs CNN Reporter To Prove It

Ben Carson is so angry at CNN he almost seems fully awake at times. He's really cheesed off over the network's attempt to investigate claims he made in his book, Gifted Hands, about having been a violent, rage-filled youth before finding...

‘The Blaze’ Writer, Headline Writer At Odds Over Thrill Quotient Of Possible Portman Pick

We feel fairly sure how whoever writes the headlines over at Glenn Beck's The Blaze feels about a possible Rob Portman veep nod, what with their terrible intimation that nobody even knows who Rob Portman is. But how does...

THE VETTING Of Sandra Fluke: Her Boyfriend’s Father Is Some Kinda Super Jew

Renegade wingnuts are digging up all the non-dirt on radical feminist monster Sandra Fluke, the Georgetown Law Student whom Rush Limbaugh labeled a "slut," a "prostitute," and 100,000 other acceptable polite 21st century terms for days on end until...

Rick Santorum Used To Love Abortion

Did you know that Rick Santorum used to be all "Oh man abortion is so great" (paraphrase) (??) for most of his life? Yes, Rick Santorum! Ladies could hit up all the big sales at the Abortionplex every weekend...

How John McCain Hired Sarah Palin In One Day

We just received an awesome email advertisement offer that sounds like the perfect way to make random last-minute hiring decisions. Subject: Same day hiring decisions are possible. From: Mark To: HR Department CC: Hiring Manager Date: Tue, Sep 9, 2008 at 4:52...

MSNBC Commentators Appalled At Palin Vetting Process (Except Pat Buchanan)

Enh, what the hell. Here is a YouTube of Chris Matthews's show in Charlie Brown's Outdoor Park in Minneapolis: a fitting place for Chris Matthews, because his head is exactly the size and shape of Charlie Brown's (large, spherical)....

Obama’s ‘Google’ References Mean Very Important Things!

Last week, John McCain described his veep-vetting process, "jokingly," as this: "You know, basically it's a Google." His omission of the word "search" -- a Google "search" -- was very shocking to every reporter and teevee personality; it showed...