veteran’s day

Happy Veterans Day / Armistice Day / Kurt Vonnegut’s birthday! Perhaps you have the day off of your “work,” and are using your free time to trawl your Wonkette. (Don’t forget to trawl HappyNiceTimePeople while you’re at it, now with fewer computer STD’s!) Perhaps you never have “work” at all, because of how you are […]

When November 11 rolls around, this quote from Breakfast of Champions gets dragged out of storage and put on display¬†for the occasion of Kurt Vonnegut’s birthday and Armistice/Veterans’ Day. God knows we’ve done it ourselves, too. But that’s what remembrance and ceremony are for, after all, as mile markers on our half-blind flatcar ride through […]

When November 11 rolls around, it’s pretty common to see this Kurt Vonnegut quote about the date trotted out, and god knows we’ve done it ourselves a few times in the past ourselves. But it’s an awesome quote anyway, and since Vonnegut was never afraid of flirting with clich√©, neither will we. Let’s have a […]

That’s odd. I clicked on the Google button on the AOL and it came up with a new picture. Why would they stick an American flag… OH NO. THEY DID IT SO THEY COULD STICK A CRESCENT MOON IN THERE. The Google has been taken over by Sharia law! AND ON VETERANS DAY! This is […]