So how about that State of the Union response, huh? No, not Mike Lee, though we’re sure that was adorable. Nope, not Rand Paul. We couldn’t even find his speech. The lady one. No, not the Spanglish-speaking one. The OTHER lady. The one that spoke American but gave the same speech. Cathy John Jacob Jingleheimer […]

Good news! Nevada Senator Dean Heller, a Republican, announced today that he will support the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA), which would ban discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity, likely giving the bill the 60 votes it needs to pass the Senate. After that, it will go to the House of Representatives, […]

Matt Bevin seems like a real nice guy. A graduate of MIT – except that he isn’t but whatev, that’s just, like, semantics, man — he is challenging Kentucky Sen. Mitch McConnell from the teabag wing of the Republican Party because he thinks McConnell is a giant vagina of “empty rhetoric” for not already shutting down […]

Your Old Handsome Joe Biden hurt some sensitive fee-fees Thursday when he compared Republicans who held back reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act to early hominids, calling them “this sort of Neanderthal crowd” in the House. Advocates for the Neanderthal community were quick to point out that they were actually much nicer than House […]

Senator Mitch McConnell’s reelection campaign is trying the old “Sure, I care about ladies and their dumb concerns” strategy, even if it has to fib shade the truth just a little bit: A press packet that McConnell’s spokeswoman distributed to reporters at a Friday event titled “Women For Team Mitch” features testimonials from Kentucky women. […]

You know how men are the real victims of domestic violence and rape and sexism and discrimination and everything else? Hey, stop laughing, it’s true! It says so on some websites created by men for men. It is a FACT that since creation, women have ruled everything and forced the weaker sex — men, obviously […]

Hey ladies. Have you been patronized today? Have national Republicans belittled your tiny mind and puny ambition yet this week? Well, they might have, but would you have even noticed between all the housework and childcare and womanly duties? Probably not, so take yourself a little break from watching The View or prettifying yourself for […]

Everything was going fine today (3 mimosas for breakfast, followed by a margarita-laden lunch), and then this bad news had to be slapped in our earholes from NPR: Thirty-five percent of women around the world have been raped or physically abused, according to statistics the World Health Organization released Thursday. About 80 percent of the […]

Hey ladies. How you doin? Do you like things like equal pay for equal work, being treated fairly in the workplace, and not having a partner physically abuse you? Do you think it might be nice if there were laws to enforce these types of things? If so, you are one of those goddam lesbofemanazis […]

Gosh. Norristown, Pennsylvania seems like it must be a real nice place to live what with its strict schoolmarm rule against “disorderly behavior.” In order to be fair, however, the rule applies not only to those who perpetrate “disorderly behavior” but also to those who might happen to be victims of it. Best legal system […]

The sophisticated gentlemens of National Review Online are really, most terribly sorry for maligning our Old Handsome Joe Biden, God Love Him and Keep Him. But why are they sorry? They are sorry they are so bad at Tubechop that it was even clear to BreitbartTV that they had cut him off in the middle […]

It is trouble in vicious soulless eee-vil rightwing-hack-land, as radio weenie Mark Levin is calling on that dastardly anti-gun LIEBRUL Eric Cantor to go kill himself or something, because he allowed the Senate’s version of the Violence Against Women Act to come to the floor, even though some bitches be asking for it! But, like, […]

Hey-o! Looks like, once again, sexxxy dreamboat John “Whisky Dick” Boehner has failed to achieve “lift-off”! In this case, once again, he has tried to placate the even-most-batshit of his brethren and then failed to pass his own bill, in his own caucus. And it looks like (maybe!) we will finally be able to answer […]

A council on judicial performance has gone and admonished this old Orange County, California, judge, just because he went and said that a woman’s rape — at the hands of an ex-boyfriend/concurrent stalker armed with a “heated screwdriver” and threatening to mutilate her face and vagina with it — was “technical,” and wasn’t “a real […]

Virginia Congressman Rick Jim* Moran’s jerk son, Patrick, has pleaded guilty to an “embarrassing situation” of slamming his girlfriend’s head into a metal trash can grate. You may remember Patrick from his previous stint embarrassing his (Democrat) dad, for whom he worked, by not recognizing James O’Keefe for some reason, and allowing himself to be […]