Yes, you read that right: finally, someone is going to jail for what the banks did! If this seems like it is too good to be true, Wonketeers, your instincts are correct because the person who is FINALLY going to jail is not anyone associated with the banks, but rather, a man who wrote mean […]

“OMG REP TN 4 LYFE” is what Hooters girl-turned Republican Tennessee Rep. Julia Hurley wanted to carve into her desk in the state House chamber, but she only got to her initials before she saw something shiny and got distracted. And now she has to pay for her vandalism, even though she does not understand […]

It is WORLD WAR TEN in Minnesota. Following the government shutdown last Friday, there have been no public workers to protect the state parks from roving Visigoth hordes or whatever Marcus Bachmann keeps talking about, so the barbarian gangs went full ape shit on Minnesota’s natural spaces all weekend long. A “burglary and vandalism spree” […]

Put up a Bible verse and cue space music! Wonkette operative “Gene” writes us from his Congressional e-mail account (HEY THAT IS FOR TAXPAYERS NOT YOUR WONKETTE) that he’s “not quite sure this guy isn’t Eric Wareheim.” Well we aren’t either, and certainly that man’s show and submarine sandwiches seem to be a theme for […]

Well this is just awful: an African-American couple who were about to close on a vacation home in Lebanon, Tennessee found “a drawing of a man hanging from a noose and a racial epithet sketched on the property’s masonry entrance,” reports The Tennessean. The couple, Kenneth and Deborah Boyd, say they “had to reassure” their […]

Yesterday we learned that the Lynchburg Tea Party of Virginia was trying to harass freshman Democratic Rep. Tom Perriello at his home, but posted the address of Perriello’s brother instead. These teabaggers, led by an infallible Liberty University journalism major, kept insisting that it was Rep. Perriello’s house, however. And now someone has cut a […]

There has been an OUTRAGEOUS CRIME committed against the little GOP office in Cody, Wyoming! Local children are accused of putting some Obama stickers and fliers on the windows of the Republican office! This is exactly the kind of Domestic Terrorism that Sarah Palin is working so hard to fight, you betcha.