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HOLY CRAP  10:56 am May 28, 2010

by Ken Layne

LIFE WITH THE VULGAR CRETIN PALINS: “I was like, ‘Mom, Mom.’ I was bawling my eyes out. She was like, ‘What’s wrong?’ And I was like, ‘I’m pregnant.’ And she was like ‘Oh my God. Holy crap.’” [Political Wire/Harper's Bazaar]

Sarah Palin is so super-maverick-y now that she won’t even honor her vow to make a speech at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library, where she was scheduled to speak at the Simi Valley Republican Ladies Group Fund-raiser for Republicans, a very widely reported exciting event that was to be her first public appearance since just […]

WHY DOES THOMAS FRANK HATE TRIG?  2:16 pm July 15, 2009

by Ken Layne

LIBERAL MEDIA DESECRATES SARAH PALIN AGAIN! “Indeed, if political figures stand for ideas, victimization is what Ms. Palin is all about. It is her brand, her myth. Ronald Reagan stood tall. John McCain was about service. Barack Obama has hope. Sarah Palin is a collector of grievances. She runs for high office by griping.” [Wall […]

With wingnut witchcraft, Twitter, tanning, book banning, dope smoking, creationism, anti-terrorist pallin’, gay-convertin’ and progressin’ her state by quittin’ her state job as governor, Sarah Palin was the meanest, dumbest box of hair to take the national stage since Abraham Lincoln ran one of his famous coonskin-cap-clad “Lincoln Logs” for Congress, as a joke. Enjoy […]