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The wingnut narrative on last year’s Benghazi attacks is starting to remind us of that Onion headline where all the Kennedy assassination conspiracy theories were simultaneously true. This latest Benghazi story sounds completely plausible: a right-wing blogger has been told by “confidential sources” that all the big decisions on Sept 11, 2012, were made by […]

In case you missed it in today’s New York Liberal Rag, we want to bring you a particularly interesting tidbit from an “oral history” of Obama’s first term, which has a far different meaning than when it refers to certain other presidents. It is a story from senior advisor (suspected communist) Valerie Jarrett, about a […]

OH NOEZ Barack H. Christ has not killed Osama Bin Laden dead often enough for the pleasant fellows of the Daily Caller, as their screaming headlines insist he let OBL go three times (before killing him). Let us hear their evidence, which is contradicted by every other instance of deep-dive reporting on the subject, and […]

Uh oh, there is trouble in right-wing-asshole paradise! Look how mad WND is at Ghost Andrew Breitbart for stealing all its shit! This is the sound of a riding glove meeting a soft hairless cheek! Editor’s note: In 2008, WND thoroughly vetted President Obama’s radical background. Many of those original exclusive reports, almost entirely ignored […]

Four-star Army Gen. Peter Chiarelli — the No. 2 general in the U.S. Army — says he is absolutely not offended that Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett mistook him for a waiter at a fancy Washington dinner this week and asked him for a glass of wine. [...] “It was an honest mistake that ANYONE could […]

Hi, Black People! Famous New York Times griot Maureen Dowd has written an entire column about what you adorable (chocolate) Munchkins do and don’t need. She also helpfully defines who is and is not Black Enough! Let’s parse her latest masterpiece, which is titled “For Rich Old White Ladies Who Have Considered Suicide, When the […]

COUNTERFACTUALS  1:40 pm June 30, 2010

by Josh Fruhlinger

OH, WHAT MIGHT HAVE BEEN: According to the testimony of some union thug, Rod Blagojevich thought that maybe he could appointed Secretary of Health and Human Services if he appointed close personal Obama friend Valerie Jarrett to the Senate. He came up with this idea after he specifically found out that Obama wanted Jarrett to […]

The Obama camp’s internal investigation report about its contact with Blaggy’s office regarding the “fuckin’ valuable” Senate seat “thing” has been released. Written by Obama’s fancy lawyer, Greg Craig, the report comes in at a brisk 4.5 pages. No one on the Obama team, according to the Obama team report, ever discussed any sort of […]