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  and having a scooter officially makes you rich

Heritage Foundation Guy: You Don’t Count As ‘Poor’ If You Own A TV

Over 40 million Americans live below the federal poverty line, defined in 2011 as $22,058 a year for a family of four, which is sort of an embarrassingly large percentage of dirty hobo children to have running around in God’s favorite country. How do we fix that, besides editing the numbers on the Wikipedia page? Right-wing think tank the Heritage Foundation has this idea, because they have been noticing lately that lots of “supposedly poor people” out there also still have cheap television sets and refrigerators full of frozen chicken nuggets, which means they are not starving to death. Hey, that doesn’t actually sound so poor? Read more on Heritage Foundation Guy: You Don’t Count As ‘Poor’ If You Own A TV…
  put down your pencils

Answers To the Census-Violence Match Game!

Hello again, boys and girls! Hope you had a fun afternoon trying to match up the sad displays of census psychopathy to the wholesome American communities they have destroyed. It’s time to learn the answers and see how well you did. To streamline your learning experience, here’s a reprint of all 12 items, but this time with the locations noted …. and bonus hot links to articles, hooray! Read more on Answers To the Census-Violence Match Game!…