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Scott Walker’s Wife Makes Strong Bid to be Grifter-in-Chief

Oh good lord it is impossible to go back and see how many times we’ve had to write about horrible semi-human Scott Walker and money. We have approximately eleventy-gillion tabs open right now looking at past Wonkette missives about just how Walker’s entire political career is built on dicking over the poors while lining his own pockets. Remember Walker cockblocking Milwaukee from requiring employers to have sick days? How about being a whiny little twerp about only making $144K a year? And let’s not forget that golden oldie: buying iPads for state workers as long as they work in the agency you created. ┬áBasically, Scott Walker is an untrammeled dick. However, for really unvarnished awfulness, you really need to look at Walker’s wife, the improbably named Tonette Walker. Read more on Scott Walker’s Wife Makes Strong Bid to be Grifter-in-Chief…