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Trump To Make Boom Booms In Not America. Wonkagenda for Tues., Aug. 22, 2017

We're going back to Afghanistan (again), Paul Ryan is full of sadz, and Steve Mnuchin's Bourgeois Barbie lets her haters eat cake. Your morning news brief.

KKK Dude FREAKED OUT When Latina Reporter Turned Out To Be Black, Too

Poor oppressed Klansman never seems to get a break.

Jezebel Apparently Thinks It’s HILARIOUS When Puppy Dogs Die

In which Jezebel puts Wonkette in the horrifying position of agreeing with Breitbart.

Wonkagenda: September 14, 2016

You get in here and read your news brief, RIGHT NOW!
Really a surprising number of pics of ponies reading the paper...all from one episode, sure...

Wonkagenda, Wednesday, August 17, 2016

You get in here and you read your news brief, RIGHT NOW!

Wonkagenda: Wednesday, 7/20/2016

Good Morning, wonkers! Here are some of the stories that may grace the pages of your Wonkette today! Donald Trump officially became the Republican nominee for president last night. White nationalists couldn't be happier, they finally have something to...

Dear Univision: Show Us On The Doll Where Hillary And Bernie Hurt You

Last night, the showdown was ON. Two candidates took the stage, coiffed for battle, ready to face down and parry the ludicrous personal attacks and brutal hypocrisies of their worst enemies: the debate moderators. Wait, What Now? Yes, Wednesday's Democratic debate was notable...
He's kind of a pussy.

So You Want To Be A Journalist In Donald Trump’s America?

Did you hear about the great Secret Service/TIME magazine journalist kerfuffle-squabble-foofaraw at Monday's Donald Trump rally at Radford University in Virginny? It was intense! There were Black Lives Matter protesters, saying protests! A journalist named Chris Morris wanted to get...
Muy caliente!

Playboy Will Still Make Naked Ladies For You, But Only In Mexican

The other day, the world was shocked-but-not-really to find out that Playboy, the iconic magazine known mostly for hard-hitting journalism and the occasional picture of a booby, would be getting rid of the boobies entirely and going to a boner-free...
That's one Ugly American there

Donald Trump Fanboy Can’t Believe Univision Anchor Even Allowed In White People’s America

So here's a charming addendum to Tuesday night's Donald Trump presser in Dubuque, Iowa, when the Human Flannel Moth deported Univision news anchor Jorge Ramos for being out of line. Once Ramos was out in the hallway, an as-yet...
Field notes: Subject 'Trumpy' issues 'pant-hoot' challenge immediately prior to flinging feces

Trump Shows America How He Will Deport Mexicans, On Live TV!

Donald Trump won himself even more love from the We Hates Foreigns crowd Tuesday as he ignored questions from Univision news anchor Jorge Ramos at a press event, told him to go back where he came from (Univision), and...
Also Free Speach!

Donald Trump Knows First Amendment Just As Good As He Knows Mexicans

Humungous bag of weasel smegma Donald Trump is suing Univision for $500 million because it canceled its coverage of the Miss Universe pageant after his really smart (and totally accurate, he says) analysis of Mexicans, who are "bringing drugs,...
Don't show him your tits

Donald Trump Fired From NBC For Being YOOOOOOOGE Racist Lick Knob

  Sad news for all of you Donald Trump-lovers. (Those exist, we think?) The purging of Donald Trump is no longer limited to mean Spanish-speaking teevee types. After Univision decided it would no longer be airing Miss Universe pageants owned...
Can't imagine why Mexicans would be pissed off at him.

Donald Trump Bans Mean Spanishes From Fancy-Pants Miami Resort

Amidst the PURE APPLESAUCE and INTERPRETIVE JIGGERY POKERY of last week's marriage and Obamacare news, you might have missed the very important story of how Donald Trump is being forced to sue Univision, because it was mean to him and decided...
Fox forgot to put scare quotes around "candidate."

Donald Trump Has To Sue Univision Now, Because It Acted Too Mexican At Him

Hilariously egotistical ass Donald "I'm Donald Trump!" Trump, who thinks he is running for president, has run into a little problem. You see, he made some dumbass comments a while back about how he's the only "candidate" qualified to...