The few times we ever gave former Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels much thought, he always seemed like a Scott Walker wannabe who was trying to prove that he too could destroy public employee unions and pass “right to work” and just generally be terrible.¬†The biggest difference between them seemed to be that¬†Scott Walker never lost […]

Some people simply do not handle losing very well. Unable to accept that the electoral system in their beloved Constitution could possibly allow those other people to win, they suggest that maybe we need a revolution, or that America died and God’s wrath is at hand, or that maybe rassenfracken pimps whores welfare brats makin’ […]

The Texas House overwhelmingly passed a budget last week that included an amendment that would force state universities to create a “traditional family values center” in order to continue receiving state funding if they currently have one of those resource centers for the gays and such. According to its author, state Rep. Wayne Christian, universities […]