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Then They Came For The Trade Unionists And It Was Time To Step The F*ck Up (Again!)

Right to Work means Right to Work For Less.

Carrier Can’t Wait To Replace All Those Jobs Trump ‘Saved’ With Good Old American Robots

You will be upgraded. Upgrading is compulsory.

Donald Trump, Friend Of The Working Class, Bravely Violates Federal Labor Laws

The National Labor Relations Board has ruled that Trump has been illegally refusing to recognize or bargain with the newly formed union at his Trump International Hotel in Las Vegas

Donald Trump Is Gonna Make Our National Debt So Huge, It’ll Be Unbelievable

He will increase the national debt bigly!
The Ludlow Massacre -- now THAT's worth a holiday

We Bet Allen West Would Still Like Labor Day To Honor Robber Barons And Scabs

It's another Labor Day blast from the past, as Allen West remembers how nice labor was before unions messed everything up.
reply hazy, will be sorted out by Executive Order

Obama’s Labor Day Executive Order So Un-American That It Helps Workers

Happy Labor Day Weekend, WonkSquad! Are you spending it like your average American worker, drunk and with your family? Or are you spending it like your average Corporate Fat Cat, drunk and with your secret second family in upstate...

Dead Scalia Saves Unions

We're happy to say we saw this coming: with Antonin Scalia's vote now completely hypothetical (despite the best hopes of some loonies), the Supreme Court voted in a 4-4 tie on a major case that could have stripped public...
He may or may not get to have a word with the Framers about original intent.

Dead Scalia Already Making America Great Again

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia's corpse has not been rotting long enough for us to miss him yet because that's never going to happen, even if we live for a thousand years. But his death is already having some wondrous consequences...

Who Will Save The Babies Now That Antonin Scalia Is Roasting In Hell?

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia (or "Anthony" Scalia if you are a moron, like Michele Bachmann) died Saturday night, when his heart quite suspiciously up and quit, as if a 79-year-old with health problems suddenly dying out of the blue is even...
Sounds like he needs to SPLAIN some things to his campaign.

Uh Oh, Bernie Sanders Campaign Being Very Naughty In Nevada

Bad news, everybody, but the Bernie Sanders campaign seems to be doing dirty tricks. Stop doing dirty tricks, Bernie Sanders campaign! Operatives from Bernie Sanders' campaign have donned Culinary union pins and secured access to employee areas inside Strip hotels...
Same image is also captioned with 'We are the radical leftists of the NEA. And we have your kids!' Gotta love the internet.

Supreme Court Fixing To Strangle Uppity Public Worker Unions Dead, Maybe

Big things at the Supreme Court Monday, with oral arguments in a case that could do Seriously Bad Things to public sector unions. If the plaintiffs in Friedrichs v. California Teachers Association win, unions representing public workers could "lose tens...
Hey, what do I know?

Dumb A-Hole Scott Walker Not Going To Be President, Just Like We Told You

Recall, if you will, the puppy days of summer, when we told you dumb a-hole Scott Walker was not going to be president. We had many fine reasons at the time, like how nobody was impressed that he's traveled...
Bringin' back the good old days

Scott Walker Revives Campaign With Promise To Bring Back Sweatshops

Scott Walker -- described, in an edition of the Encyclopedia Galactica that conveniently fell through a rift in the time-space continuum from 1000 years in the future, as "a mindless jerk who was first against the wall when the revolution came" -- has a...

Labor Day: Why You Get To Day-Drink Like A Blogger Today!

BREAKING: Labor Day was not named for women squirting fully baked fetuses out of their hoo-has because hahahaha celebrating women is a silly notion. Labor Day actually celebrates workers, as in unions, as in the people who are constantly trying to...
Or maybe some Foster Friess?

Scott Walker Says Minimum Wage Is ‘Lame,’ Poor People Grody To the Max

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker wants the electorate to know that he'll be the bestest president ever for workers, because unlike the dumb old Democrats, he refuses to give a shit about the minimum wage, which is barely worth even...