You will have to go elsewhere for your creepy Elmo dolls (in fact, you probably want to just click that Amazon box in the righthand sidebar so that when Amazon forces your local mom and pop store out of business, at least your local mom and pop website gets a cut). We we do not […]

What kind of underwear do you have on? Are they magical? No? Outta here! Bain Capital, a job creating powerhouse established by America’s number one job creator Mitt Romney, is being sued by a group of people that claim they were fired for not being part of the Mormon church (LDS). This rogue group of […]

Anthony Weiner was a prominent weiner who was always on cable teevee with the Democratic Talking Points, so when he repeatedly sexted his boner to every gal on Twitter, he had to resign. But Republicans never resign for this kind of thing, which is why some Republican jerkwad city councilman in Louisiana who cheats on […]

Hey everyone! James Inhofe got to see the bin Laden photos! James Inhofe got to see the bin Laden photos! Ooh! James Inhofe got to see the bin Laden photos! His beard this time was a little bit shorter and it was more salt-and-pepper. You could tell it’s probably the actual color of the beard. […]

Did any good political news appear in your editor’s inbox this afternoon? Oh here’s something that looks very relevant: The manufacturer of a brand of hard corn-syrup candies has arranged for samples of this item to be glued to an underwear model, for display on a television network tonight. We know for sure this famous […]

You know, like at all meetings of great minds. (We don’t want to click on this “Twitpic” either.) [TPM]

Louisiana sex creep David “Diaperman” Vitter is known for one thing, and one thing only: Hiring hookers and then making those hookers put adult diapers on him, so he can poop in the diapers, for sex kicks. He has been caught employing prostitutes at least twice, in New Orleans and in Washington DC — his […]

Sarah Palin’s least-favorite almost-son-in-law Levi Johnston will not vanish from the public eye, ever! He’s doing a photoshoot with a website called Playgirl, which, despite its gender specific name, is actually a site for gay men who like to look at photographs of other men, naked. There is nothing wrong with this! And, you know, […]

Just a few months ago, the world watched with mouths agape as the assorted gentlemen of the Supreme Court tittered over a case involving a 13-year-old girl who’d been strip searched at school. The kid was accused by a fellow student (Curveball?) of handing out prescription-strength ibuprofen to her peers, and when school officials couldn’t […]

HIPSTERS  9:39 am September 17, 2007

by Alex Pareene