As this photo from our #OWS correspondent KenLayIsAlive makes clear, the guys with the Guy Fawkes masks are well represented at Occupy Wall Street and many other Protest Occupations around the country. The cultural trajectory of this mask is sometimes hard to follow, but here’s our attempt to explain it, and also explain why it […]

We did not want to post anything, on this Day of Dread when we are supposed to forget about the awful industrial savagery and Crushed Freedumbs of the past decade, but you nice people keep sending us “tips” asking for some kind of refuge, shelter from the storm, what have you. Well!

Nick Saban has won a lot of “football,” according to Wikipedia, and that is why every Alabama politician lusts after The Nick Saban Endorsement, because it is some sort of football sports analogy for something really great that is sure to bring you victory. Sadly Nick Saban hates politics and never endorses anybody. But that […]

Really? Did Al Gore try to get some 54-year-old masseuse gal to massage his dingus at a Portland hotel where he was staying to give a Climate Change speech, and when the woman showed no interest did he then get angry and demand she have sex with him? Is Al Gore supposed to be the […]

Wonkette operative “Lily E.” was just driving around the outskirts of Madison, Virginia, this weekend when she was compelled to snap this picture of America 2010. It’s all there, everything. Everything.

Today’s Dirty Dozen American Primary Election is also the Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill’s 50th Day. Did you get BP a present? It’s a testament to the constant spastic churn of the news cycle that this oil disaster already feels really old, like something from last summer or maybe even 2005. But the spill began […]

Every now and then, the New York Post shows a hint of its acidic headline genius of yore. This isn’t it, exactly, but the underused word “crone” is perfectly illustrated by a batty old lady cackling weirdly about sending the Jews “back [to] Poland, Germany.” Ugh. But at least the right wing will now purge […]

Who is Blanche Lincoln? That’s the question the editors of the U.S. News & World Report website are asking on this post-MTV awards day, and we can’t help wonder, too: Who is Blanche Lincoln? Who is she, and what does she want from us? And by “us,” do we mean “banking executives” or “maybe people […]

Ha ha, April Fools, look what this wacky conservative wingtard webzine did for today’s unfunny celebration of banal hate disguised as Jokes: “[T]here will be a few changes to the site. The pictures at the top will be replaced by photos of Ghandi, MLK, Linda Chavez, Michael Steele, and hip-hop Republican Cleo E. Brown.” Coloreds, […]

The grifter is a busy bee this week: “The as-yet untitled book by Palin, widely considered to be weighing a run for U.S. president, will feature selections of readings that have inspired her and portraits of people she admires.” Okay Willow, crayons are over there under the Taco Bell bags, get to work on those […]

Teabagger Final Fantasy? The “Once More, With Feeling” episode of John Adams nobody noticed at the time, due to not watching it? We have no idea, but if Naked Scott Brown is not tarred and feathered and videotaped being dropped into the snow by noon today, REVOLUTION, babies. [YouTube via Metafilter via Satan]

Whoa hey is it almost the 2010s? And here I am still writing “Fuck the Pope” on my checks. Well, let’s start the first of a Very Long Series of special “year ender” journamalism features of the kind you could once find in your “local newspaper” this time of year, back when there were newspapers.

Here’s a great War On Xmas gift for that kid on your list who cannot read and will never need those fancy elitism skills, anyway: a shitty “children’s book” about how Sarah Palin and her sack of dildos saves this plague rat from these dumb urchins. You know, because liberals are ruining this country! Jesus […]

You know what your Wonkette was doing one year ago, exactly? We were in St. Paul, watching the first of Sarah Palin’s national scandals unfold. So fun! Plus, there was a hurricane, to kill more poor and/or black people (it missed, which is how Obama got elected). And it was a year ago tonight that […]

Book publishing and sociopathy collide in a BIG WAY this morning, as America is treated to its first glimpses of The Governor, the upcoming kunstlerroman from foul-mouthed ex-Monkee Rod Blagojevich. There is so much to love about this book already, and it is barely even ghostwritten: “Blagojevich writes that his guiding thought in selecting a […]