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There's something rather odd about the Trump/Pence 2016 logo. Can you spot it?

Pamela Geller, a lady who is solely famous for being a horrible bigot and going around whining about Muslim people existing, is totally gonna...

Donald Trump is one fickle veep-vetter. His short list keeps getting longer and longer, which is not supposed to be how that works.

We got a big hint that Newt Gingrich might be Donald Trump's veep pick! Or not!

Donald Trump's campaign is Very Disappointed that Bernie Sanders ended up endorsing the winner of the Democratic primary, because if Bernie Sanders stands for anything, it's oligarchs like Donald Trump.

At least three rightwingers today have been thoughtful and compassionate in response to the deaths of Philando Castile, Alton Sterling, and five Dallas police...


Donald Trump would like to tell you a thing he knows about the Jews.

Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton ran into each other at the airport. BURN HER!

Can you believe the mean media made fun of Donald Trump for being on a golf course?

She also says Trump Did Not Build That, oooooooh YA BURNT!

Donald Trump is questioning Hillary Clinton's faith. And her commitment to Sparkle Motion.

Donald Trump's campaign has been great business for Donald Trump. And any business owned by his family.

Donald Trump's campaign is in complete disarray. But...what if it isn't?

Oh good, the Senate is finally going to appear to do something about guns, and then fail. Then we can go back to having our real gun laws dictated to the states by the NRA, as the Founders intended.

The Supreme Court has declined to hear appeals to laws banning the sale or possession of assault-style rifles in Connecticut and New York. Guess that issue's settled, then.

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