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She's sassy!

Laura Ingraham Can Beat Up Your Honor Student

Why's he so upset? It's not like he's facing something really sad like losing his guns.

Trump Makes VA Great Again With ‘Girther’ Doc. Wonkagenda For Thurs., March 29, 2018

Trump's doctor to lead the VA, Laura Ingraham is being a stupid mean girl on Twitter, and more about DJTJ and his dick. Your morning news brief.

Wisconsin Teens March 50 Miles To Yell About Guns On Paul Ryan’s Lawn

Those kids will keep marching, marching, marching, 'til gun sense is breaking through.

How Are Rightwing Jerks Lying About Florida School Shooting Survivors Today?

Who would lie about a kid who survived a mass shooting? Trick question! She's a crisis actor and there WAS no mass shooting!

Rick Santorum Is Fucking Asshole

Why does this man have a job on TV anywhere?

Trump Quit-Fires Last Grown-Up In White House. Wonkagenda For Fri., March 23, 2018

HR McMaster is quit-fired for John Bolton, you're about to see Trump's peener, and join us in DC for the March For Our Lives!
Jeff Flake, really, The Hill?

Serious Senator Jeff Flake Begs Donald Trump To Please Not Make Congress Impeach Him

Is there nothing that can't be achieved by a good firm beseeching?

An Exegesis Of Aubrey O’Day’s Gross, Dumb, Don Trump Jr.-Boning Song, By A Doctor Of Rhetoric

Don Jr.'s life is NOWHERE as good as an Abba song.
Screw the cookies. I want the Foreign Relations Committee

Torture’s Back, So Liz Cheney Called Rand Paul A Terrorist Symp (UPDATED)

The asshole doesn't fall far from the tree.

Little Girl Meets That Pretty Lady In The Painting

Pardon us while we plotz.

Fox With Day’s MOST TOP News: That Geraldo Rivera Wants To Bone On Ivanka Trump

Yesterday was a pretty wild news day. Unless you were watching Fox.

Dana Loesch Real Tough When There’s No Florida Kid Calling Her A Vampire To Her Face

The very best advertising from Airstrip One.

Big News Day For Hannity And Tucker Carlson! Scary Messicans, Hillary Clinton, And Some Mad Cracker

Fox really is covering a completely different planet.

America’s Greatest Artist, Jon McNaughton, Proudly Presents Donald Trump’s Sad Wrinkled…Flag

Sean Hannity may know nothing about art, but he certainly knows nothing about how to stir up controversy.

It’s Three PM. Do You Know Which Armed Militia Whackjobs Are Guarding Your Children?

Thank god for a well-regulated bunch of idiots with guns!