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All is well with the world, the sun is shining, and Donald Trump is crying his baby rage in 140 characters or fewer.

For real, we are getting in the car and going back to Memphis.

President Obama's speech at the DNC Wednesday offered some thoughts on who the un-American candidate in this election is. It's the guy who has a list of demands, not policy proposals.

Predictably, Donald Trump insists Democrats don't love the flag enough. It's a star spangled lie, but he'll get mileage out of it.

Hillary Clinton would like to have a word with you young ladies out there: Get yourselves elected.

Like other great media analysts, Donald J. Trump had thoughts on the first night of the Democratic Convention. They were silly thoughts.

Bernie Sanders gave his pre-convention valedictory to supporters Monday, but darned if they're ready to let him quit. Guys, he's done. He says he's done!

What's more likely? Racist Democrats making up brand-new (and awkward) slurs for Latinos, or wingnuts ignoring context completely?

Happy Back To The Rat Race Day, Wonketariat! Are you looking forward to the coronation of the Khaleesi this week in Philadelphia, where the Democratic...

With bonus Tweets from Bernie Sanders and greatest congressional Tweeterer ever, John Dingell!

No for real that happened, CLICK TO LEARN THE STORY.

We guess they could have, but they probably didn't.

Also, Wonkette made America great again, because it was on our hat.

The night after Melania Trump gave a speech that just happened to lift passages from a Michelle Obama speech, another copying gaffe appeared to pop up. Except this time it's not plagiarism. Unless you want to fight about it.

The defenses of Melania Trump's plagiarism are beginning to get a little silly. Imagine that!

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