The New Republic just can’t understand why you all gotta hate on Luke Russert like that. Such a very nice young man! Luke-hating is a bit of a Washington bloodsport. A young congressional staffer, upon hearing that I was writing a story about Luke, gleefully began forwarding me a series of emails from her coworkers […]

We have no idea what kind of spell Christine O’Donnell is trying to put on Twitter, but it looks like a pretty mean one.[Twitter]

Amoral pudgesack Newt Gingrich loves only two things: divorcing his old wives after he gives them cancer, and stuffing his albino-hamster face with Easter candies to “prove” he loves his current wife, for the time being. But now his holiday gluttony is as hidden away as the records of his many cruel divorces against his […]

Our nation’s leading pundits can always be expected to act like the gentlemen-scholars they are, especially while riding public transportation. That’s why CNN fringe-right psychopath Erick “RedState” Erickson has just been twittering important eyewitness accounts of bestselling conventional-wisdom hack Thomas Friedman allegedly being a total asshole to some poor Amtrak employee, who apparently didn’t dispose […]

Have you been waiting up all day and night for Washington firebrand Wolf Blitzer’s take on the whole Shirley Sherrod bogus wingnut video White House embarrassment outrage scandal thing, on Wolf Blitzer’s Twitter? Here, America. Now heal. [Wolf Blitzer's Twitter]

Noted oil-industry shill Sarah Palin is so darned upset about that oil spill down in Mexico’s Gulf of New Orleans, she’s ready to beg for mercy at the feet of the Biggest Government of All. Why won’t Sarah Palin use her real-’murican can-do spirit to plug the danged hole instead of leaning on God, who […]

Following the New York Times magazine feature on DC cut-and-paster Mike Allen is no easy job, so Washington Post media typist Howard Kurtz had to do a whole story on Chuck Todd — even though Todd is not primarily known for forwarding some links to his BCC list. Who is Chuck Todd, anyway, if not […]

140 CHARACTERS AND THE TRUTH  2:15 pm April 10, 2010

by Ken Layne

CAN YOU USE TWITTER WITHOUT BEING AN IDIOT?: A sad French journalist in DC cannot believe how terrible it is, this Twitter illiteracy. But isn’t everything terrible? [True/Slant]

In only his second Senate vote, Republican messiah Scott Brown helped the Democrats destroy a Republican filibuster on the new Jobs Bill, hahahahah, what? And guess who’s cold goin’ nuts on the Twitter?

The mean old plain-clothes cop who nearly massacred all DC Twitter-snowball people is in BIG TROUBLE for this shit, specifically for pulling a fucking LOADED GUN on some nerds throwing snowballs during a blizzard. “Assistant Police Chief Peter Newsham told reporters Monday that the detective has been placed on desk duty and his badge and […]

Direct from National Review illiterate Rich Lowry’s Urdu Twitter feed, here is the Al Jazeera video montage of a bunch of Raiders of the Lost Ark extras calling for the death of America, the land of the Black Pharaoh. [Al Jazeera YouTube]

Hey everybody, some birthers are just wandering around various Senate and House office buildings, bothering the shit out of staffers and interns, and then twatting about it, on the Twitter. David Weigel, the Stephen Crane + Ernie Pyle × Martha Gellhorn of the Tea Party-Birthers Wars, has the whole collection of retardation, go look at […]

When Nobama shuts down Twitter to finally free America from gross old white guys typing porn on their Blackberry machines, it will be messages like this one that we remember, from creepy weirdo Karl Rove, about how he works in an office full of masturbators draped in Snuggie-brand couch blankets, in the heat of July. […]

We know a little bit about disputed elections and revolutions and riots and such, and they all have one thing in common, throughout human history: Twitter. This is why Andrew Sullivan demanded that the always-broken Twitter not undergo some crucial scheduled maintenance tonight.

Iranian media crackdown prompts Tweets and blogs [Christian Science Monitor]