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Rape Fan Mike Cernovich Gets Sam Seder Fired For Not Liking Rape. Welcome To Trump’s MSNBC!

Usually 'I was JOKING' is a terrible defense. But in this case, the joke was aimed at a worthy target and those pretending to be offended are evil.

What It’s Like When Twitchy And The Daily Caller Drive You To Drink

The internet is very stupid sometimes.

Gateway Pundit’s Li’l Correspondent Gets High On Own Supply Of ‘Antifa Super Soldier’ Shit

Stupid? Or stupid like a thing that isn't so stupid, really?

Senate’s Big White House North Korea Briefing Lamer Than Field Trip To Box Factory

At least the senators could make jokes about how in German, a bus ride is a 'Busfarht.'

Thanks, Liberals, For Being INSANE AND MEAN About Melania Doing The Lord’s Prayer

Who is a bigger dumb? Dinesh D'Souza or Joe Walsh? TRICK QUESTION, THEY BOTH WIN.

What Is Hillary Clinton Dying From Today?

She is dying of all the things, and all the things are dying of her, UNFORTUNATELY.
How is this helping the war effort? IT ISN'T!

Barack Obama Records 15 Minutes Of Science Teevee. WHY ISN’T HE KILLING ISIS???

a href="http://wonkette.com/580555/girl-scouts-show-obama-science-projects-he-did-not-build"One of the nice things the White House does every year is its Science Fair, which is usually good for some nifty videos of Barack Obama playing with a marshmallow cannon or meeting adorable Super Girl Scouts who...

Twitchy Idiots SO MAD Obama Keeps Not Losing Jobs Over And Over And Over And Over And

The Obama administration announced recently that for the all the months in a row, more jobs have been created in America than destroyed. This is good news, wouldn't you say? Then you are not the rage-virus monkeys at Twitchy,...
Yes America is that dumb

Yr Wonket Beated Up A Idiot Today And It Was Great, Also Too

You mad, bro? You must be mad because you are like GAHHHHH and ARGHHHHHH and angry comments (which we do not allow) and angry tweets (which we mute) and angry MyFacePlace words (which we ignore) and OMG we even made the spitting rage...

Even Your Favorite Chips Come In Homo Gaysexual Lesbian Rainbow Flavor Now

BREAKING NEWS FLASH SIREN ALERT TRIGGER WARNING DEFCON 69! Look what is being crammed down your throat now! It is what used to be your favorite snacky treat, from the makers of all those Cool Habanero Nacho Fiery Ranch Doritos...
She probably doesn't like crosseyed pegasi in the pool either.

Wingnuts Outraged Teen In Bikini Forced Hero Cop To Smack Her Around Some

The National Conversation On The Pool Party Gone Awry in McKinney, Texas, took a familiar turn after the first full day of media exposure. Yr Wonkette was astonished to see that on Sunday, even the nine full-time staffers of...

Bryan Fischer Will Root All Queers Out Of Wingnut ‘News’ Websites

Bryan Fischer's butthole is in an extra-twitchy state (not the Michelle Malkin kind of twitchy; or wait, come to think of it, yes the Malkin kind), as he is feeling BETRAYED! You see, one of the wingnut websites he likes, Townhall.com,...
Our thoughts exactly

Michelle Malkin Outraged: Twitter Jailing Conservatives Like They Are Japanese-Americans

BREAKING EXCLUSIVE MUST CREDIT TWITCHY! The liberal-biased interwebs are putting conservatives in Twitter jail, maybe (or maybe not) but probably (but probably not), just for being conservatives, OH NOES! Michelle Malkin, conservative keyboard-banging hero and founder of the the site...
Looks terrible. Such a sad day for them.

Tyrant Obama Makes War On Army Heroes’ Christmas Wedding

Talk about a double bogie! Over the weekend, two Army captains who were scheduled to get married at the 16th tee of the Kaneohe Klipper Golf Course in Hawaii had to move the wedding at the last minute because President...