Much like the earlier generations of unemployed bloggers, Meghan McCain is just so deep in the Internet right now that she’s going double insane. Behold her nervous, illiterate twitters about somebody she doesn’t know who may or may not exist, on the Internet, and perhaps at minimum exists on the other side of the country, […]

Jesus fuck is this even America anymore? First we elect a black president, and now the Twitter is shut off in the White House? And we don’t want to hear any of this “Security concerns” balderdash, because when we last had a real American president (that fat white sack of shit Dick Cheney), and he […]

Read the boring old ghost-written industrial-lobby press release “op ed” under Sarah Palin’s byline in the Washington Post today if you want the neocon elitist version of the Alaskan idiot. For the real “Let Sarah be batshit Sarah” Palin, you must look (with horror) upon her Twitter page.

We know a little bit about disputed elections and revolutions and riots and such, and they all have one thing in common, throughout human history: Twitter. This is why Andrew Sullivan demanded that the always-broken Twitter not undergo some crucial scheduled maintenance tonight.

Iranian media crackdown prompts Tweets and blogs [Christian Science Monitor]

Oh look, snowbilly grifter and chronic liar Sarah Palin has done that predictable thing. Isn’t that cute, it’s just her second twat and she’s already whining about the Librul Mediaz. STOP IT. Also check out the Cheryl Tiegs/Sears-style neon Paint Shop Pro signature on her background image. Jesus, she is mentally a nine-year-old, isn’t she? […]

This is going to go on forever — and eventually, it will involve the female participants wrestling in a vat of Taco Bell X-treme ketchup or whatever. Hooray! Now, lest you believe this is somehow “trivial” or “exactly what happens in much of America,” we want to remind you that this woman, Sarah Palin, intends […]

What is this, the famous journal of conservative thought (now begging you to subscribe for HALF OFF!) is calling on Brave Norm Coleman to actually give up fighting this election he lost to an actual teevee clown? In one of the typical remedial-blog-posting bits which make “The Corner” required reading in, we don’t know, maybe […]

The super-dumb full-of-shit jingoistic Magic 8-Ball known as “John McCain’s twatbot” crapped this out today: “America has been and remains the greatest force for good in history.” Eric Spiegelman wonders why John McCain is pissing on Christ’s grave. [Bus Your Own Tray]

Boy you can say anything on the teevee these days, thanks to the Fairness Doctrine.

The technological marvel that is “Twitter” allows Americans the opportunity to watch wingnut entertainers actually lose their shit in real time, on the Internet. Here, neanderthal poop-sack Sean Hannity lets us know about the New World Order, in which the Black Muslim President (Nancy Pelosi) will somehow make right-wing bloggers get drivers’ licenses, in order […]

What do you call a bunch of D.C. drunks who also do the “tweets” with the “twitter” on the landlines or whatever? Twestival! It is for charity, so it’s okay. And it happens tonight, you twits.

History may not change the perception of George W. Bush Junior as America’s crappiest president, but many thousands of excitable dorks are very excited about the New Reputation of lovable gargoyle Karl Rove, America’s latest favorite Twit.