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Remember When Donald Trump Thought Paula Deen Hurling N-Word Around Was No Biggie?

If Charlie Rangel could say 'cracker,' why can't white people say the N-word? TRUMP SENSED A DOUBLE STANDARD!
weird things in this scene: 1. Applejack with out her hat 2. Applejack reading 3. Applejack at a spa 4. Doktor Zoom using an applejack pic in the first place

Wonkagenda: Thursday, September 1, 2016

You get in here and read your news brief, RIGHT NOW!

What Are Fox News Patriots Saying About Terrible, Horrible America-Hater Colin Kaepernick?

Did you hear Kaepernick is a secret Islamic? Sean Hannity did!

Why Do Hillary Clinton Press Conferences Hate White People So Much?

Ask Hillary if she's 'trustworthy' again. ASK HER, WE DARE YOU.

Secret Muslim Barack Obama’s New House Is Near A Mosque, And The Daily Caller Is ON IT

Maybe Kenyan Muslim Marxist Gay Obama wants to live 1,096 feet from a mosque so he can hop, skip and jump to prayers WITH HIS PEOPLE!

Your New Hottest Exotic European Mayor Is Sexxxiest Guy Named ‘Carl’ Ever To Live

Say goodbye to Justin Trudeau and that man-king of Reykjavik, there's a new hotty mctotty lord mayor in town! Or we guess you could invite them all over, together, for a 'cuppa cuppa' burning love!

Ted Cruz’s Grubby, Foreign-Born Hands Feeling Spanky Again

Hey look, it's another person who hates Ted Cruz and his creepy, punchable face. Apparently there was a youngun' in attendance at a Cruz rally in LaPorte, Indiana, and he decided to shout his feelings at the bad Canadian...

Barack Obama Is A Puppet Of The Cuban Dictatorship, LITERALLY

Hey, did you hear that our president, the great Kenyo-nesian dictator Barack Of Obama, took his whole family to Cuba, thus destroying America and making Jesus sad? It happened! Tuesday morning, President Obama will give what is being billed as a...

Tucker Carlson Sort Of Right About Thing Except Not Really

BREAKING NEWS because it doesn't happen often: Tucker Carlson, as you may have ascertained from the headline (because you are SMART is why) is sorta kinda a tiny bit correct about a thing! But not all the way, don't...
She's sort of photogenic.

Was Scalia Murdered By Obama The Gay Prostitute?! Your Weekly Top Ten

Well hallooooo, Wonkers! Are you ready for all the top ten stories about how Antonin Scalia is dead? There were many top ten stories about how Antonin Scalia is dead. Maybe you have read them all! Maybe you are...

Tucker Carlson Doesn’t Want To Wank To Fat Chicks

Have you been wondering what kind of Hot Sexxxytime Pix Tucker Carlson likes best? No, of course not, but that is not going to stop us from telling you. It turns out that when Tucker Carlson slides down his tighty-whities...

GOP: The Only Person To Replace Scalia Should Be The Reanimated Corpse Of Scalia

After Antonin Scalia shocked the world by abruptly dying in his sleep some time Friday night, your namby-pamby liberal Twitter feeds and Gchats and your texts and probably your Tinder messages exploded with a mixture of (1) "Good. Fuck...
Smug and Smugger

Donald Trump Knows Who Gets Yooge, Classy Pussy, Tucker Carlson, And It Is Donald Trump

Dear Christ help us, Tucker Carlson has written a think-piece for Politico in which he sermonizes to "Washington Republicans" -- you know, the bad, Establishment kind, not the honest decent folk who read the Daily Caller -- about how...
Guys, shut up, we know this did not happen in the Dead Poets Society movie film.

Looks Like Things Got Pretty Rapey At Tucker Carlson’s Nice Christian Prep School

Hey Wonkerinos, sorry to be bringing you all these stories about rape and sexual abuse on an otherwise pleasant Thursday, but here's a thing: Rhode Island State Police are investigating allegations of sexual abuse of more than two dozen students...
Understands Jesus

Sarah Palin Calls Jesus Gun-Humpin’ Idiot

Our Lady of The You Betcha Moose Chili dun got her on Facebook again, or at least her ghostwriter did (Willow maybe?), to libel Jesus, Prince of Peace, as a big dumb NRA-humping gun-licker: JESUS WOULD FIGHT FOR OUR SECOND AMENDMENT Taking...

Daily Caller Would Like To Resettle Sexy Syrian Refugees In Tucker Carlson’s Pants

Check out this SUPER HILARIOUS FUNNY post on Daily Caller, filed in its "Entertainment" section, about how some of these war-torn Syrian refugee ladies are WAY boneable, amirite, Tucker Carlson? It looks like this: Get it? They are "Syria-sly hot," because...