true love

Ann Romney is no dummy, you guys! She knows all about how much Obama loves killing all of his enemies with missiles from flying death robots. And who is the Obama Administration’s most hated enemy? Well, it’s probably whoever the CIA has picked out of a hat as “al Qaeda #2″ is this week, but […]

Oh, good heavens, what has powerful nutball Allen West gotten himself into today? Something insane? Something creepy, perhaps? ALL OF THEM. Representative West, an actual elected official with hands on the levers of government, loves fellow representative Paul Ryan’s proposed budget plan SO FUCKING MUCH that even questioning that love is a “suicide mission” that […]

TRUE LOVE WAITS  8:47 am July 14, 2010

by Josh Fruhlinger

BREAKING: LEVI AND BRISTOL TO PUT THE FINAL NAIL IN THE COFFIN OF HETEROSEXUAL MARRIAGE “Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston say they’re engaged and hope to get married within six weeks in Alaska … Palin and Johnston tell the magazine they reconnected while working out a custody plan and became engaged two weeks ago.” Ha […]

Americans are absolutely shattered over the tawdry end of the Gores’ marriage, and need affirmation that love is still possible, because otherwise the whole country’s going to turn to alcohol and cutting to restore meaning to life. Well, good news, everyone! High school dropout Levi Johnston and successful motivational speaker Bristol Palin have decided to […]