In a development that took nobody by surprise, the Great Big Trucker Siege of Washington DC has drawn several thousand fewer participants than the several thousand truckers that the organizers had hoped would show up and block traffic on the Beltway all weekend, for Freedom. Fox News reports that “dozens, not thousands,” of tractor-trailer rigs […]

We know you guys love some good old-fashioned derp in these columns, and we aim to please. But frankly, we have to confess that we can’t quite tell if this item from the comment queue is an actual example of Jesse Ventura-lovin’ wingnuttery, or a clever parody of same. “Shweatypalms” writes, in reply to our […]

Programming Note: We hear that there’s a Harvard-educated common man talking in front of the Senate in a not-quite filibuster right now, and we promise we’ll have a post about it tomorrow unless you’re lucky and a rogue asteroid ends life on Earth overnight. Longtime Wonkaroos will be astonished to learn that Some People Just […]

Today is the day with the best likelihood of us posting your nonsense. Like this ad full of total actors claiming they are Democrats who drive trucks! As if! That black lady does not drive a truck! That old biddy does not drive a truck! BUT.

WHY WON’T AMERICA LISTEN TO THE PICKUP TRUCKS? Our nation’s pickup trucks are always alerting citizens to new threats, but nobody seems to listen, even though we do our part to bring them to the people. Things are getting so bad that it’s no longer enough to post messages on your truck; you now have […]

Hey look, this pickup truck has figured out what the letters in “Obama” mean: “One Big Ass Mistake America.” Except it seems to be missing a comma. (Probably stoled by socialism.) What exactly is this truck saying? “One Big Ass, Mistake America”? Saucy and unpatriotic! “One Big Ass Mistake, America”? That seems more likely, but […]

According to some guy on Tumblr: “How long was I in Virginia before spotting a handwritten, misspelled Tea Party message on a dry-erase board duct-taped to the back of a truck? Literally ten minutes.”

Here is a pickup in Indianapolis that is very thankful that Barack Obama is our president. Whoa, slow down there, truck! It’s not even Thanksgiving yet! Leave something to be thankful for!

Holy shit. Which one of you did this? [Gawker]

Look, a local human was walking by the Russell office building parking lot just yesterday and OH SHIT IT’S SCOTT BROWN’S TRUCK, where he banged Simon Cowell and won the presidency of Massachusetts by beating J. F. Kennedy 100-0 in the snow. He still drives this truck to his new job! Five more authenticity points […]

DC   2:23 pm October 19, 2007

by Ken Layne