Did you read TalkingPointsMemo’s barnburner of a story about Maine Governor Paul LePage, and how he is so stupid that he kept meeting with a group of Sovereign Citizens — eight times in eight months, Blanche, for one to three hours each? And that the Sovereign Citizens loved talking about their buddy who was in […]

Welcome, O Wonkers and Wankers, to another edition of the Derp Roundup, the weekly feature where we clean the sticky residue of stoopid stories from our browser tabs, cut it with a secret mix of chemicals from Freedumb Industries, and serve it up to you in an elixir that’s easily as tasteful and memorable as […]

In keeping with the hallowed conservative tradition of saying incredibly dumb stuff on Martin Luther King Day (really, why should it be any different from any other day?), a candidate for the Florida House of Representatives took the opportunity Monday to go on the Twitters and call for the hanging of Barack Hussein Obama for […]

It has been a quiet week in our woebegone comments queue. Obviously, we’re not being outrageous enough; we’ll work on that. Fortunately, an older post attracted the attention of a reader who wanted to let us know that our understanding of the Old South is seriously skewed. In response to a piece we did back […]

Hey, here’s a break from your Gummint Shutdowm news: wingnut conspiracy theorist Erik Rush, the WND genius who honored Free Speech Week by calling for the execution of journalists and warned that Barry Bamz will declare Christianity a mental illness, is back with a brand new conspiracy theory! And this new one is a doozy, […]

Matt Davis is a renaissance man. He’s a former GOP spokesman, a columnist, and a fan of armed insurrection. He also sounds like a raving paranoid. It is against the law to carry concealed weapons at schools, but Matt Davis cares not for these burdensome rules that deny him the right to protect his children […]

Wingnuts, led as usual by Fox News, are flogging a brand new alternate history of the Sept. 11 attack on the US Consulate in Benghazi, Libya, in which Barack Obama knew exactly what was going on, refused to launch a rescue mission, ordered the CIA to “stand down,” and maybe shot Ambassador Chris Stevens to […]

Today we learned that all reporters including Jerome Corsi should be executed for treason in honor of Free Speech Week, because Orwell. This led to discussion in the secret Wonket chatcave about trying for treason those who made the pickles on McDonald’s anusburgers too bland, but then we realized it would be much easier and […]

Small but highly excitable segments of the Wingnutosphere are in high dudgeon over the maybe-treasonous remarks of Rep. Paul “Gosar the Destroyer” Gosar (DDS, R-AZ), who said some very outrageous things at a June 28th online town hall thing hosted by largely unknown Tea Party group “Unite in Action” and posted to the group’s YouTube […]

Hey Greene County, Virginia, GOP! We bet you are down-home fellas what love your wives and neighbors and hardly ever beat your dogs. Do you perhaps have some words of wisdom for the rest of us? Maybe here in this March newsletter article “Rallying Against the Living Wage,” or this one, “Is Barack Hussein Obama […]

Hey Wonkers, remember this? The horror in Ol’ Walnuts’s eyes as he realized the tidal wave of fucking nuts to which he was in thrall? Good times! But remember also (you should, because you just watched it) how Country First stood up to that lady and actually told her something she did not want to […]

Defense Secretary Robert Gates has been a little, uh, unenthusiastic (to put it in non-treasonous terms) about President Obama’s new war venture in North Africa, as we noted yesterday. How often does the civilian leader of our nation’s military get to say a war is “not a vital national interest to the United States” before […]

“In a free society we’re supposed to know the truth,” Paul said. “In a society where truth becomes treason, then we’re in big trouble. And now, people who are revealing the truth are getting into trouble for it.” “This whole notion that Assange, who’s an Australian, that we want to prosecute him for treason. I […]