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Tag: transportation bill

Future Republican Member of Congress

Republicans To Shut Down Government Again Because Screw You, America!

It has been almost five whole months since the grown-up Republicans in Congress threatened to SHUT IT DOWN faster than you can say "legitimate rape." So now seems like a pretty good time to do that again, huh? It was so...
He went to some kind of medical school?

Rand Paul Canceling Government Again, Because Planned Parenthood (And Because He’s A Dick)

Hiya, Rand Paul, how are you being terrible today? Doing a "filibuster"? Yelling at all the girl journalists, for not journalisming at you like you like? Telling jokes about your college Aqua Buddha hijinks when you "kidnapped" a lady,...

Obama Unveils Important Transportation Bill That Also Will Not Pass

Not long ago, during one of our spelunking expeditions through the dark caverns that take up all the space inside Peggy Noonan’s skull, we found her wondering why, in the debate over health insurance reform, we were not talking...

House Republicans Threaten To Kill 1.9 Million Jobs To Try To Make Like Eight Or Nine Jobs Max

Republicans love jobs. Jobs jobs jobs. All they want to do is make jobs. They're the mayors of Jobland, where jobs grow on jobbies. In 2012 alone, they've sponsored the Jobs Score Act, the Do Your Job Act, the...

Hastert’s Brilliant Plan