Gee, I wonder what will happen if we build roads and bridges, then completely ignore them for decades and drastically cut funding everywhere in order to suck the knob of the right wing’s newest golden calf, austerity? Surely nothing bad will happen ever, because debt and deficit are lurking in the corner, threatening to molest […]

DC’s Capital Bikeshare program, for which you pay a fee to join and then ride bikes to and from docking stations across the city, is a popular thing that keeps enlisting new members and expanding. Its success is leading other cities, such as New York, to start their own programs. Now, as an earth-destroying motorist, […]

Virginia’s General Assembly would like to stake out a claim to fame that maybe DOESN’T involve the terms “transvaginal ultrasound” or “state-sanctioned clinical rape,” for once this year. So now the esteemed legislators of the Commonwealth have decided that pawning off its roads and bridges for a few shekels is just the ticket for shaking […]

Sen. Charles Schumer said he would push as well for added funding for rail security and commuter and passenger train track inspections and more monitoring of stations nationwide. When most people see news about a potential terrorist attack, they get a little scared and take a bit of solace knowing their government is aware of […]

Post 9/11 blues? How do you bounce back from a weekend of such revelry? All the anticipation, the excitement, the furniture sales! Yes, it was quite the 9/11. But how do you keep that spirit alive? Perhaps with an election that will decide the fate of DC’s white population? Or better yet, will a new […]

Think respected conservative intellectual George “Dungaree” Will’s biweekly phlegm-hocks for the Washington Post are bad, but maybe not quite Richard-Cohen-bad? Well they are, and so are his Newsweek columns! Maybe. His most recent one tackles Transportation Reform. Will chastises Republican Ray LaHood, the Transportation secretary, for “wanting” to “fix” America’s “infrastructure” problems, which is his […]

The Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority now has its own fancy Facebook page. Change has come!

TOKENISM  4:19 pm December 17, 2008

by Ken Layne

PARADE OF BIPARTISAN STARS: Obama is picking Peoria (Illinois!) Republican Congressman Ray LaHood to be the transportation secretary. LaHood is our nation’s new Norm Mineta! Here is a picture of Obama and Ray LaHood. [Peoria Journal Star]