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Vogon Poetry To Dominate Trump Inauguration. You Have Been Warned

What's the difference between a cub scout meeting and the Trump Inaugural? The cub scouts have adult supervision.

Only 37% Of Americans Would Pee On Donald Trump If He Were On Fire

Americans still optimistic though, asking President-elect Trump to pee on their legs, tell them it's raining.
Looks like Ben Carson won't get the nod, or had already nodded off.

Ben Carson Slightly Smarter Than Previously Suspected, Tells Trump Administration ‘Nyet’

Some rats had enough sense not to board the Andrea Doria in the first place.
government keep your hands off my medicare

Paul Ryan: Oh, By The Way, We’re Killing Off Medicare. Enjoy!

He's throwing out the baby and the bathwater. Hey, how did Grandma get in that tub too?

Bannon, Priebus Tapped For White Supremacy Funtimes In Trump’s White Again House

They're putting on a show in the old barn!

Mitt Romney’s Transition Website Was Live An Entire Day After He Lost, Because He Is Terrible At Politics

O hai Romney transition website developer! Did you know that if you have a website you do not yet want people to see yet, you can hide it? Like, you could put up a splash page that says "coming...

Bush Staffers Exit Sadly

Barack Obama's transition team has been preparing for months to take over the government, but George Bush's people aren't quite ready to let go. They haz a sad, because they worked in this place for this guy for like...

Dick Cheney To Show Joe Biden His Lair Tomorrow

Joe Biden has accepted a rare invitation from America's most popular politician, Dick Cheney, to tour his off-the-grid slave castle, "One Observatory Circle," for an "evening sit-down" tomorrow. The tour will kick off with Dick Cheney opening the front...

Are You Sexy Enough For Marc Ambinder’s Obama Club?

We are sitting on our hands, in a cold sweat, staring at the floor, WAITING for Marc Ambinder to decide on our request to join the sexiest fanciest Facebook club ever that we found today. Must be worthy... must...