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Sally Yates Is Your New Superhero! Wonkagenda For Tues., Jan. 31, 2017

Oh hey, did anything happen yesterday?

Wonkagenda: Friday, 07/29/2016

Here's you morning newz breif! YOU READ IT RIGHT NOW!
The monument is 6 feet high, so that man and buggy must be HUGE

Aw Look, Oklahoma Is Impeaching President Obama. How Adorable!

Surprise, they're freaked out about trans people going potty!

Alex Jones: Michelle Obama Murdered Joan Rivers So She Wouldn’t Tell Anyone About Her Dick

Alex Jones is a reasonable person who believes Donald Trump would make a good president, and Michelle Obama murdered Joan Rivers to keep her penis a secret.
from transsexual ... indo ... nesia

Crazy Anonymous Flyer People: Trans-Women, Please Stop Raping All The Bathroom Ladies!

Hey ladies: You use the bathroom, to tinkle, right? How would you like to be raped in the bathroom, while you are trying to tinkle? No? Well, then, according to a poster at the University of Bristol, you shouldn’t...

Nancy Grace Contracts Reefer Madness, That Grantland Trans* Story, And More In The Week In Media

Nancy Grace, who never met a murdered child she couldn't lick her lips over in slavering glee, has some Thoughts on The Pot, and they are that marijuana will make you murder and strangle and shoot your whole family....

New York Times Copyeditor Is Not An Ally

For fuck's sake. For all the good folks (looking at you, Cenk Uygur) yesterday who called li'l ol' me a self-loathing Nazi Jew schmuck, can't we all agree that the real Nazis are copyeditors? Thank you.

Gayphobic Hatemonger Pat Robertson Shockingly Cool With The Sex Changes

Huh. We did not see this coming. We are ... we are at a bit of a loss, in fact. We are looking out the window and not seeing flying pigs, nor have we seen any reports on the...

A Woman’s Prerogative: Transgender Lady Felon New Hampshire Rep Changes Mind (Again)

Stacie Marie Laughton, recently elected to the New Hampshire statehouse after years of grifting (not "allegedly") and campaigning for every office in the Live Free or Die state, got found out about her felonry and said she would resign...