Nancy Grace, who never met a murdered child she couldn’t lick her lips over in slavering glee, has some Thoughts on The Pot, and they are that marijuana will make you murder and strangle and shoot your whole family. Tell us something we don’t know, Nancy! Before starting on her marihuana-induced psychosis about all the […]

For fuck’s sake. For all the good folks (looking at you, Cenk Uygur) yesterday who called li’l ol’ me a self-loathing Nazi Jew schmuck, can’t we all agree that the real Nazis are copyeditors? Thank you. [NYT]

Huh. We did not see this coming. We are … we are at a bit of a loss, in fact. We are looking out the window and not seeing flying pigs, nor have we seen any reports on the Twitters about a severe temperature drop in hell. We just do not know what to make […]

Stacie Marie Laughton, recently elected to the New Hampshire statehouse after years of grifting (not “allegedly”) and campaigning for every office in the Live Free or Die state, got found out about her felonry and said she would resign her office. But now she has exercised her woman’s prerogative and changed her mind again, and […]