O HAI JOHN MCCAIN! Sometimes you seem to understand that your party (AND YOU) have thrown in your lot with a bunch of neo-Nazi troglodytes of terror. And then usually you go right back to cynically exploiting these dumb biddies and their lunatic leaders for your own political gain. Hey that’s just how it is, […]

America’s second-most favorite whackadoodle ex-governor Jesse Ventura (whose crazy gave Minnesota such a hangover it then elected Tim Pawlenty) managed to gather enough bored reporters together to formally announce that he tragically lost his important lawsuit trying to get the government to quit letting TSA agents touch his nuts all the time. In revenge, he […]

The White House rushed out a Flickr picture of Obama signing this awful thing, because everybody really wants that for their smartphone wallpaper or whatever, before they throw away the smartphone because who can afford such things? But what did the corporate shill really sign? A tipster sends us an enhancement of the photo above, […]

The eighth and ninth Republican traitor-senators have been revealed! Lamar Alexander and Bob Corker now say they’ll back the START nuclear treaty with the Soviet Union, and which requires the United States of America to have a few less nuclear death missiles, which will make it super easy for the Rooskies to drop the A-bomb […]

Hello Wonkette readers! Your Comics Curmudgeon has had a good time also being your sometime morning editor, this year! But just as a “Realdoll” is not a substitute for human companionship, even the most personally fulfilling blogging gig is not a substitute for subsidized dental care.

Remember, Bob Inglis, the really quite conservative South Carolina Congressman (93 percent rating from the American Conservative Union!) who was absolutely obliterated in his primary this year by some Tea Party loony toon? Remember how he whined afterwards that he lost because he he wasn’t a demagogue? Well, now we have absolute proof, from his […]

Good ol’ Ben Nelson is liberal America’s favorite Democrat to hate, when they aren’t hating semi-Democrat Joe Lieberman for general douchebaggery, or Obama for failing at everything they hoped for him all the time. Well, did you think that maybe Ben Nelson is sick of you guys, too? Tired of all your carping about how […]

UPDATE: MCCHRYSTAL IS FIRED. PETRAEUS REPLACES HIM. If George Washington was still commander in chief, Stanley McChrystal would be swinging from the gallows today. But no, we’ve got Barack Obama, who has to have scheduled meetings with everybody, while John Adams seethes in the hallway. And any moment now, Obama will step out to tell […]

Having called for armed revolution against America’s democratically elected government, duck-faced sociopath Michele Bachmann truly exemplifies mature political discourse. This is why her alleged husband just put his name on a Bachmann 4 Congress fund-raising email, because the staffer who wrote this email cannot believe the local communists have gone so far as to put […]

South Carolina is filled with traitors — traitors who literally started a war with the United States, because we would not let them keep the vast majority of their population as chattel slaves. And the people of this bog-state are apparently *flaunting* these terroristic inclinations even today, according to Wonkette operative “Ed M.,” who just […]

Eric Cantor went to some confab run by the Heritage Foundation, a prominent think tank affiliated with his political allies; said confab was held in Washington, D.C., where Cantor works. The decision to attend came at “great cost” to Cantor, apparently, according to some dude with a kind of endearing New England-ish (?) accent who […]

This National Council for a New America, what do they do exactly besides hold coffee klatsches in Alexandria and inflame the ire of conservative voters? Who knows, but they’ve sucked Newt Gingrich into their little borg, which means they probably have spare wives and free donuts on hand. [The Fix]

Everyone point and laugh at him now, for he has erred, my friends, and now the principal is tugging him by the ear into detention to try his War Crimes: “Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid will meet with Connecticut Sen. Joe Lieberman this afternoon to discuss the wayward Democrat’s future in light of his enthusiastic […]

[Why would we take this down? It was funny too!] You all should be ashamed of yourselves. We showed you the nice website called Country Above Self that appropriately lists “Phony Soldiers” as death traitors to America, and you go and inflate the score of Danny Glover, the b-list actor. Obviously everyone was supposed to […]

[Hey comical idiots, we'd never take this post down!] Yes, we get many nutty e-mails, and sometimes when we open them they link to the best websites in the world. One recent example is Country Above Self, which runs this tag line: “Celebrating Patriots and Exposing Traitors.” You can nominate and rank America’s greatest patriots […]