The Atlanta snowstorm spawned many Larger Points, from the incompetence of local — or all — government to Internet Opinion about climate change (real/bogus/not involved). Jon Stewart notes that “weather forecasts” could have helped Atlanta, and rightwing pundit Jason Mattera tweeted that dumb liberals just don’t know about Earth’s seasons, so “global” warming is nonsense […], what did you bring for Show & Tell today? Oh wow! That looks like an email from a top Christie aide that says “Time for some traffic problems in Fort Lee” (pdf). Class, what do we think about this email? Does it “raise serious doubts about months of claims by the Christie administration that the […]

Here’s a little map of Washington D.C. having a heart attack and dying. It will do this next Monday and Tuesday for President McGayertron’s precious summit on what else, nukes, where 40+ world leaders are coming to talk about nukes (except Bibi Netanyahu, because then he might have to admit that his country has lots […]

Some math wizards down in Texas have come to an incredible conclusion: What with 6.5 million lost jobs since this Hellcession began, there’s less rush-hour traffic. HEY THAT ALMOST MAKES A CRAZY KIND OF SENSE. But the news isn’t all good.

Hey DC-area commuters, help us out! We hear that two of them roadside “Expect delays now until forever due to construction”-type electronical signs were HACKED by HAXXORS, and displayed vulgar words to drivers this morning. (The signs are on the Virginia side of the Key Bridge and on eastbound Hain Bridge Road at the George […]

Local athletics club the Washington Nationals is getting “special treatment” from DC, as the city has agreed to pay to keep the Metro running late if baseball games run late. No word yet on whether the same applies if games just feel like they’re taking forever. [DC Examiner]

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DC Traffic Finally Solved!

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