And they say Christmas comes but once a year. Is this is a stopped-clock-is-right-twice-a-day thing though? Possibly! Also it is a no-brainer, but still, we agree with Frank Luntz about something so we will note it because this is significant due to the fact of it never happening, really. The video starts with the CBS […]

How NICE that Dubya can take some time off to get away from whatever the hell it is he does these days to address a bunch of Job Creators in a quiet room in the Cayman Islands. What is the Cayman Islands Investment Summit, you might be wondering? It is exactly what you think it […]

This weekend the Idaho Republican Party held their state convention, so of course Teabaggers showed up in their tinfoil hats and messed with the party platform, just like in Maine. What exciting new ideas does the Idaho GOP now support? Repealing the 17th Amendment (the direct election of U.S. senators) and getting rid of paper […]

SLUM LOVE  5:34 pm February 27, 2009

by Jim Newell

BUT… BUT SOMEONE IS BEING WRONG ON THE INTERNET! Look, OK, we’re trying to find the hot sexy stories here, but the Internet is only serving up annoyance, so our only option is to link you to this annoyance and hopefully ruin your weekend. Alas: long blog posts with multiple “clarifying” updates about ambiguous word […]

A Democratic Hill staffer with a clear “liberal bias” writes to TPM, offering a taste of what we can expect from the Internet in a post-Gregg world: “It’s hard not to think that Gregg’s withdrawal, with the grumbling about the census and the stimulus, was not timed to cause the most damage possible to the […]

THE GIFT OF GIVING  4:08 pm January 7, 2009

by Jim Newell

LOOKING FOR A FEW BRAVE VOLUNTEERS: Hey so TPM is a pretty good blog, right? Josh Marshall and shit? Well they have a slight lead for second place over some blog we’ve never heard of called “The Confluence,” and we think good ol’ TPM deserves a little padding for that silver medal. So if you […]

“Well Tom Brokaw, heh, I’m disappointed about Colin Powell endorsing that Democrat, but I have FIVE Secretary of States in my pocket too, nyah nyah, and good ones at that — Henry Kissinger, Jim Baker, Larry Eagleburger… Al Haig… heh heh… uhhhhhhhhhhhh… you ever met Al, Tom?… fuck… Tom Brokaw was the fifth… no no […]

TPM has put together this pretty hilarious clip of highlights from Greta Van Susteren’s special interview with Todd Palin, which aired some time recently. Greta seems stoned off her ass and laughs at a number of her own jokes about the nickname “First Dude,” a term she brings up at least 700 times in her […]