ACHTUNG! DRUDGE SIREN! Shut the fuck up everybody, IMPORTANT NEWS! Jim Hoft, the Stupidest Man on the Internet, announces that he will be having an announcement for us tomorrow, and it is going to leave “‘progressives’” “reeling.” IS IT PAYING US OUR $3150? Hahaha, fuck no, can’t get blood from a grifter, dude. Last fall […]

Greetings, great Wonkespora, and welcome to another edition of That’s Our Katie!, our semi-regular feature where we take a look at the lies and sloppy journalism spewed by wingnut dingbat Katie Pavlich in her never-ending quest to make us actually long for the reasonable and fact-based writing of Phyllis Schlafly. This is an awful series […]

Hola wonquistadors, and welcome to our new and possibly semi-regular feature we call That’s Our Katie! wherein we take a look at the lies that syphilitic skunk dick Katie Pavlich allows to drip from her face hole onto the pages of Previously we have covered Katie lying about protestors in Texas bringing bricks into […]

Do you love humorous things, perhaps of a political nature? Do you like wit, and incisiveness, and not being A Idiot? Then you probably do not read Michelle Malkin’s Twitchy. It is a bad place of sadness where unnamed “staff” go and cull tweets from right wingers yelling at liebruls and then add commentary like […]

Happy Veterans Day / Armistice Day / Kurt Vonnegut’s birthday! Perhaps you have the day off of your “work,” and are using your free time to trawl your Wonkette. (Don’t forget to trawl HappyNiceTimePeople while you’re at it, now with fewer computer STD’s!) Perhaps you never have “work” at all, because of how you are […]

Windsor-knotted colostomy bag George Will took the occasion of the upcoming 50th anniversary of the March on Washington For Jobs and Freedom to explain that there’s a very simple reason that there’s an economic disparity between whites and blacks: Black ladies are birthin’ too many babies without a man in the hizzouse. On This Week […]

Man, it seems like just yesterday, and not a full week ago, that the Texas state legislature finished up its Very Special Session with a heroic butt-kicking of the Republican Party, said kicking having been led by one Wendy Davis, a hard-charging state senator who has overcome the crippling twin disabilities of single motherhood and […]

Have you missed Joe Walsh (R-Nothing)? No, of course you haven’t, because he is kind of an asshole. But JUST IN CASE someone misses him he has started a group called the “Freedom Movement” and invited people to a townhall meeting so they could watch him wave his arms around and talk about Freedom for […]

Did you know Mitt Romney once saved a 14-year-old girl’s LIFE? He did that by going to look for her after she disappeared. Even though he did not actually find her. And she was just sleeping off an Ecstasy binge. But no, Mitt Romney is like Ryan Gosling times Morrissey plus Superman minus Kryptonite. Mitt […]

“What do you suppose are the chances,” wonders Townhall columnist Mona Charen, that the Cartagena Dozen or whatever, like and watch porn? It’s very important that we talk about this, says Ms. Charen, because if we can just know this one thing, maybe it explains everything, and if we can stop porn, maybe we can […]

Sorry for the slow posting, dudes, we have spent hours and hours trying to figure out this doozy of a piece from Townhall “finance” columnist John Ransom, and we think we may have gotten it? No, we have not. Maybe you can? Let’s try together! Here is how it begins: Mmmm, you can almost taste […]

Easy! Tiger Woods is ~45% black, while Barack Obama is 50% black. More of this talk, please!

It has happened — IT! YOU KNOW OF WHAT WE SPEAK. Jonah Goldberg and Kathryn Jean Lopez have officially merged to become the ultimate destructo-bot of carnage and murder and death as foretold by ancient prophecy: The Fat Mexican Secretary. For there is currently a column by “Jonah Goldberg” on National Review called “Big Bedfellows,” […]

If you haven’t yet read this latest Palin interview with conservative hack Hugh Hewitt, we have some advice: do not bother reading her answers, at all — only the questions. Unlike mean sexist Charlie Gibson, fiery “gotcha journalist” Katie Couric, or any other interviewer that Palin has made respectable, Hewitt’s questions are FAIR to the […]