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Republicans Getting Nervous. Wonkagenda For Wed., July 5, 2017

Republicans dodge town halls (again), Rep. Higgins goes to Auschwitz, and Trump-Russia gets a bigger boat. Your morning news brief!

Mitch McConnell IS NOT A Cry Baby! Wonkagenda For Wed., Feb. 22, 2017

Trump starts mass deportations, DAPL protests are down to the wire, and drone-killing eagles! Your morning news brief!

Trump & Russia? NOBODY COULD HAVE SEEN THAT COMING!! Wonkagenda For Wed., Feb. 15, 2017

Trump raises a Russian red flag for the FBI, Andy Puzder is vengeful jerk, John McCain and Ted Cruz prepare to fight! Your morning news brief!

Idiot CNN Trump Lady So Mad Tim Kaine Speaks Spanish Like Common Dora The Explorer

How can Scottie Nell Hughes be expected to understand such confusing, un-American things?

Fox News Idiots Worried Anderson Cooper Too Flaming Gay To Report On Orlando Mass Shootings

How dare Anderson Cooper be mean to that nice bigot lady who's just trying to help?

Hillary To America: I Am A Grown-Ass Adult, And Donald Trump Is A Idiot

It's a pity Hillary won't say what she really thinks about Donald Trump.

Shrieking Meth-Banshee Michelle Malkin Makes Angry List Of All The Boobies She’s Seen Lately

Just one more thing on which insane rage monkey Michelle Malkin and poised, calm, lovely and boob-positive Wonkette part ways.
America needs him.

Here’s Chris Christie Being A Dick To Some Girl, Because It Is A Day

So Chris Christie is stumping around New Hampshire, clinging to his debate slot in the Top Tier of Donald Trump and the Other Republican Losers like it's the last however many $1500 buys you in hot dogs and beers at...
Let's talk about slavery, Heather.

Idiot Wingnut Chick: America’s Not Racist, Except For Obama

Here America is, all fired up for yet another solemn Conversation On Race, when we don't even need to be doing that in the first place, since racism is over. The Charleston shooting was an Isolated Incident, because while individual racists...
Vatican expert

Mike Huckabee: Hawking Fake Diabetes Cures Proves I’ll Be A Great President

Republican presidential "candidate" Mike Huckabee is in trouble with liberals like CBS's Bob Schieffer for, among other things, appearing in infomercials hawking "Diabetes Solution Kits" (yours for just $19.95!), which encourage healthy eating, exercise, oh and also curing diabetes with...

Bryan Fischer Will Root All Queers Out Of Wingnut ‘News’ Websites

Bryan Fischer's butthole is in an extra-twitchy state (not the Michelle Malkin kind of twitchy; or wait, come to think of it, yes the Malkin kind), as he is feeling BETRAYED! You see, one of the wingnut websites he likes, Townhall.com,...
Let's talk about slavery, Heather.

Wingnut Outraged: Planned Parenthood Trying To Take Away Your Birth Control, Probably

It has been some time since we produced an edition of our semi-regular feature That’s Our Katie!, wherein we chronicle the idiocy of Townhall bobblehead Katie Pavlich. Mostly we have avoided writing this feature because doing so requires us to read...

EXCLUSIVE! Stupidest Man On Internet Has Surprise That Will Leave Libs ‘Reeling.’ Is It Our $3150?

ACHTUNG! DRUDGE SIREN! Shut the fuck up everybody, IMPORTANT NEWS! Jim Hoft, the Stupidest Man on the Internet, announces that he will be having an announcement for us tomorrow, and it is going to leave "'progressives'" "reeling." IS IT...

Katie Pavlich Attempts Journalism Again, With Usual Results

Greetings, great Wonkespora, and welcome to another edition of That's Our Katie!, our semi-regular feature where we take a look at the lies and sloppy journalism spewed by wingnut dingbat Katie Pavlich in her never-ending quest to make us...

Wingnut ‘Journalist’ Katie Pavlich Racesplains Why Debo Adegbile Must Lose So White People Can Remain Free

Hola wonquistadors, and welcome to our new and possibly semi-regular feature we call That's Our Katie! wherein we take a look at the lies that syphilitic skunk dick Katie Pavlich allows to drip from her face hole onto the...

Shrieking Meth-Rage Banshee Michelle Malkin Selling Twitter Rag ‘Twitchy’ To Some Dumb Idiots

Do you love humorous things, perhaps of a political nature? Do you like wit, and incisiveness, and not being A Idiot? Then you probably do not read Michelle Malkin's Twitchy. It is a bad place of sadness where unnamed...